Scientists are freakin' liars

So says Tom Naughton, referring to the frequent misinterpretations or misrepresentations of data that characterize much medical research. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt posted Tom Naughton's recent wonderfully engaging and hilarious talk from Jimmy Moore's Low-Carb Cruise on his Diet Doctor blog.

Comedian and blogger Tom Naughton, also the filmmaker of the movie Fat Head, has brought humor and personality into the low-carb movement. I told my wife to watch it and I could hear her laughing from 30 feet away while watching her laptop.

Dr. Eenfeldt is a sensation of sorts himself, making a big low-carb splash in Sweden. While I missed the cruise this year (due to time pressures), it's clear that Eenfeldt and Naughton have contributed substantially to helping people understand the nonsense that passes as dietary advice in the U.S. and the world.

I watched Naughton's talk while eating my three eggs scrambled with ricotta cheese. I almost spit my eggs out at the computer screen I was laughing so hard.


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  • John Naruwan

    5/15/2011 1:14:56 AM |

    The video link doesn't work. [You've got an "o" at the end instead of a "0".]
    Here's the right one:

  • Annie

    5/22/2011 6:02:59 PM |

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    Thank you for providing such life-saving info.  
    My husband's uncle is 69 and has already had one bypass and also suffers from advanced renal carcinoma.  In the past, his docs suggested the typical zero fat, very low protein diet.  His heart disease advanced.  Now he is able to eat more protein because he is on dialysis.  His cancer is under control and his doc have informed him that his greaterst health threat is heart disease.  He wants to reverse his placque but conventional medicine and wrong diet advice have failed him.  He is the type who is extremely motivated and will absolutely comply with a big diet overhaul plus exercise (he currently walks half a mile per day but was extremely athletic into his 50s until kidney cancer struck -- then heart disease) and I would like to suggest that he sign up for your Track Your Plaque program and refer him to your blog as well as that of Nephropal.  He lives in Boston and I am wondering if you have  any collegues there who could help him implement and oversee the Track Your Plaque strategies given his grave situation.  He understands that there are no guarantees but what he's done in the past has failed miserably so is ready to try a new approach and is able to eat decent amounts of protein now.  Any suggestions you may have would be most appreciated.