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Dr. Davis’ Lifestyle for Total Health 

Dr. Davis and the Undoctored Inner Circle team help people like YOU lose weight, improve health, increase energy and even turn the clock back on appearance. Undoctored strategies accomplish dramatic changes in health: reduced inflammation, reversed insulin resistance that could lead to diabetes, and many other benefits. When becoming a Member, Dr. Davis shares exclusive health insights, real results, and meets with you several times per month LIVE to answer your questions.

We go way beyond fad diets and dig into health concerns and conditions to heal the whole body. Dr. Davis has helped millions of people improve their health, you can also see a positive change in your life. Learn more. 

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People actively follow and subscribed to Dr. Davis programs over the last 10 years

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Member Benefits

A healthy life starts with the Undoctored Inner Circle

We designed our support and content to guide you as you accomplish your goals, including specific focus on weight loss, improve specific health conditions, or being free from prescription medications, even age-reversal. As a Member, you’ll receive the ongoing support you need to achieve your new-found healthy lifestyle.

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Live Meetups

Meet with Dr. Davis

Every week Dr. William Davis meets online LIVE through a video chat to educate, support, and empower you to achieve your health goals, answer questions, share experiences and new lessons. Dr. Davis takes the time to answer questions, to share successful examples and suggest alternative paths that can support you in your journey. Attending a Member meetup with the doctor is one appointment you don’t want to miss.

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Doctor-Approved Recipes

Healthy recipes and easy to follow meal plans

Find unique fresh recipes and meal options to achieve your health goals. Undoctored recipe resources are full of seasonal, tasty, and easy-to-make options, together with a custom meal planner full of doctor-approved recipes that are aimed to help you plan your meals. Healthy eating couldn’t be easier!

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Ready to Begin?

Want life-changing results? Change starts now.

Tired of trying diets, medication, and advice that doesn’t make you feel better or yield real results? Or do you find yourself following this or that diet, losing a few pounds, then regaining them over time? Or stuck on lists of prescriptions medications that your doctor only seems interested in adding more to? Become a Member and take control of your health once and for all. The Undoctored Inner Circle is Dr. Davis’ exclusive program to guide all the way through.

Become a Member 

Health Insights and News

As a Member you have access to exclusive health insights and news that provide late-breaking, cutting-edge information on relevant topics that will make a difference for your health and well-being. Find here the latest research, practical tips, hands-on strategies and video step-by-step explanations by Dr. Davis exclusive to Inner Circle Members. Expert content is Member exclusive.

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Active Forums

Active like-minded community 

The Undoctored Inner Circle discussion forums include questions and responses by Dr. Davis, forum moderators, health professionals and a host of highly-experienced Inner Circle Members who are eager to answer your questions with speed and depth in a supportive manner available only from people who truly care.


My doctor prescribed statins. Is there an alternative?

What can my husband do to reduce joint pain?

Should I take pre- and probiotics?

Are there any additional steps to take if I take prescription medications?

Undoctored health courses

Undoctored Inner Circle Program

10-Day Detox

Dr. Davis has combined his knowledge and expertise to create this 10-Day Detox that is designed to flush out dietary toxins, rebuild your health foundation, and set you up for continued success. You will be guided daily through this detox and equipped with the skills needed for long-term success as you begin the next course, the Wild, Naked, Unwashed program. More

Wild, Naked, Unwashed

Progress with our unique dietary program centered around the numerous dishes and recipes in our Undoctored 42-Day Meal Planner. You’ll be guided through this program as you learn how to adapt to your new lifestyle change. This will be a 100% grain-free, limited-carb diet which will set you up for success. This program will allow you to gain comfort with your new-found lifestyle as you transition your health into your own hands. More

Health Pro

Our premium, professional-grade, online course designed to walk you step-by-step through all the key Undoctored principles. It’s recommended as a step further in your knowledge about the factors that impact your health, well-being, and appearance. This program will help you best sustain the results you want to achieve. More

Advanced Topics

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Get Keto Right

Many people follow ketogenic diets for weight loss and health. But is that a complete solution to health? The science is clear: Ketogenic diets yield substantial near-term benefits, but then yield long-term health complications. Understand the science and get keto right. More

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Oxytocin is a hormone with far-reaching effects on aging, health, and weight. Changes in bowel flora provide control over oxytocin status that improves skin and hair health, control over appetite and weight loss, testosterone, bone and intestinal health, and anti-aging effects... More

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Diabetes Reversal

Most people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes are just a few steps away from being non-diabetic or non-pre-diabetic. It’s as simple as changing diet to reduce blood sugar and taking steps to reverse insulin resistance.. More

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