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Why Wild, Naked, & Unwashed?

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People have asked me, why do I call it the Undoctored Wild-Naked-and-Unwashed program?

Well, let me explain. Every strategy in the Undoctored menu of strategies — the six basic strategies that make up our core program, that I want everybody to follow — all those strategies, if you think about it, are appropriate for all humans. They are strategies that we've engaged in for millions of years.

Let's take vitamin D, for instance. We used to get vitamin D by going out in the sun, and eating liver, the organs of animals. Well, modern people wear clothes. You work indoors and generally don't like to eat organ meats anymore. So we've become vitamin D deficient. Replacing vitamin D addresses an intrinsic human need.

Likewise our dietary strategy of eating no grains, means we're simply returning to a style of eating that humans followed for 99.6% of our time on this planet. We only added grains very recently, and that's when there was a downturn in health (even from the consumption of traditional whole grains).

So each and every strategy in the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program means we're reverting back to a style of living that we were supposed to be following all along. But, we try to accommodate modern tastes and conveniences. You don't want to go out and spear a wild boar, chop its head off and eat its organs, right? You want to go the grocery store and buy your meat that way for instance. We're going to recreate that experience, using modern foods and other methods available to us. But we're still trying to revert back, to the way we're supposed to be eating and living along. And that's why I call the Wild-Naked-and-Unwashed program.