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Why Is It Called Wild, Naked, & Unwashed?

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I'm Doctor William Davis. I want to talk to you about the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program.

This is the program that everybody engages in when they start in the Undoctored experience, without exception. If you leave any one component out, your whole will suffer; you will not obtain the full success that you're hoping for. So I stress to you, I emphasize, that you want to follow the entire Wild-Naked-Unwashed program.

Why I call it Wild-Naked-and-Unwashed? Well, this is our way of reverting back to the way humans lived for the first 2½ million years we walked this planet — when we didn't have diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, etc., and people succeeded on extraordinary scale. They had infection and injury, yes, but they didn't have the kinds of diseases of civilization that we have.

So what are the components in the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program?

The Undoctored program begins with the Undoctored nutrition program;what I call eating Wild-Naked-Unwashed. You don't have to run naked or in a loin cloth through the jungle and spear wild boar, but I want you to revert back to the kinds of foods to which your body has been adapted. We start with wheat and grain elimination. That alone is an astoundingly, impressively, powerful strategy, but going take it farther, all based on this notion that we're going to eat in the way that our bodies are expecting to receive nutrients. We're not going to participate in foods that disrupt health.

Vitamin D: vitamin D is second only to grain elimination as a powerful way to regain health, and to undo the situations that allow a lot of health conditions, like diabetes and autoimmune diseases, to take root. Getting vitamin D exactly right, perfectly right, is critical to your success. We just don't casually take vitamin D, or get some sun. You have to understand some basic principles. For instance, most of us lose the capacity to activate vitamin D in the skin after age 40. A nice tan at age 50 is not going to be good enough for the majority of people. In the Undoctored program, I show you how to get your vitamin D just right.

Magnesium is another essential component of the Undoctored menu of strategies. We need to replace magnesium because all of us are deficient, often severely deficient. Part of the reason is because we've consumed grains in our past, and grains block the absorption of magnesium. Getting magnesium just right, once again, is essential to your success, and I'll show you how to do that in the Undoctored program. Like all other Undoctored strategies, you add this one new strategy, and wonderful things happen. They get even bigger and better with the synergistic combination benefits of all the Undoctored strategies put together.

We also all start deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids. We restore them by taking fish oil — not from krill, not from other sources — because you want the EPA and DHA from fish oil. We're going to talk about how to get that just right also. Getting it just right will reward you with even bigger successes. Fish oil is not the most important, but in the presence of the other Undoctored strategies, it takes on outsized benefits. Getting your Omega 3 fatty acids experience just right, through the Undoctored process, is critical.

Getting your thyroid gland status just right, perfect, is also essential to your Undoctored success. The thyroid gland is the most commonly disrupted endocrine gland in modern life. We start with restoration of iodine, the essential nutrient your thyroid gland requires to manufacture thyroid hormones. Then we take other steps to ensure that your thyroid state is perfect, and if not, what to do about it. Throw that also into the mix of strategies in the Undoctored menu, and you're going to enjoy bigger and better successes,

All modern people have disrupted their bowel flora. We pay a health price and a weight price, so part of the Undoctored effort is to make efforts to restore, to cultivate, healthy bowel flora. It's a slow process. It takes months or longer. That's the most tricky part of the whole Undoctored process but, once you get the logic, you'll find it's quite easy, and easy to build your day to day habits. You will be rewarded with even more magnificent levels of health, particularly if you follow the entire program to take full advantage of every component.

So join us in these conversations to learn how to navigate the Undoctored Wild-Naked-Unwashed program.