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Undoctored Inner Circle


Welcome to the Undoctored Inner Circle.

The Undoctored Inner Circle is a very special place. It's where you come, for much deeper information and interactions with me, and other people in the Undoctored program, after you've read the Undoctored book, but still have remaining questions. Maybe you want to read the book along with support, and want to explore new ideas. If you want to take the Undoctored approach, with you, your family, your friends, other people, this is the place to be.

You'll find some very unique services here, for instance our video Virtual Meetups. It's our way of interacting with each other like we're in the same room. You walk into a virtual room, and you can talk to me; you can talk to other people, about issues that interest you — whether it's weight loss, how to navigate the Undoctored lifestyle, where to buy various products to incorporate into this program, how to use certain health tools. All the things, all the issues relevant to your Undoctored lifestyle, will be found in the Undoctored Inner Circle.

So I invite you to join us. Join our fascinating and fun conversations in this very special Undoctored place.