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Do It Yourself Thyroid Testing

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Let's talk about DIY thyroid testing. This is part of the Undoctored conversation; the conversations I raise my new Undoctored book.

Now, ideally you would go to a doctor and he or she would know everything there is to know about thyroid, and knows exactly what to do to empower you and have help you have an ideal thyroid status; because thyroid status is so important for controlling weight, for managing cardiovascular risk, how you feel how much energy you have — lots of facets of health. So having ideal thyroid status — this is very very crucial. But most doctors honestly don't give a damn whether you have ideal thyroid status. They follow arbitrary rules; many of them were set by the drug industry.

So that's not the game we play. We look for ideal status, and often as possible, get it just right for overall total health. And much of this can be done on our own. So let's say your doctor refuses, or is clearly ignorant; doesn't have a lot of the answers to your questions.

So how do you get a thyroid test on your own? Well, even if the doctor refuses to deal with thyroid in the way you want, they still might order the tests. So you try that. Now recall that the full panel for thyroid testing is not just a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) — that's the one test most doctors think (been told) looks at all facets of thyroid health, which it's not.

The tests that you want are TSH, a free T3 thyroid hormone, a free T4 thyroid hormone, a reverse T3 (a mimic of the T3 thyroid hormone) and the thyroid antibodies. That is the full panel for thyroid test. And if you can combine it with the do-it-yourself at home first time arising oral temperature, that we talked about in another video and in the Undoctored book; first in the morning, first time arising, oral temperature with a digital thermometer should be around 97.3°F. If it was consistently lower, you likely have hypothyroidism.

The oral temperature, coupled with those blood tests, gives you full insight into your thyroid status. So, what if your doctor doesn't want to order those tests? Can you do it yourself? Yes, you can do it through a finger stick — ZRT Labs offers a very affordable finger stick test kit you can use in your own living room or kitchen.

There are many direct consumer testing services that allow you to go to a laboratory on your own, without a doctor's order, and you can specify those tests: the TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies. And they can draw for you, and send the results to you. These are services like Direct Labs, LabCorp and Health Check USA. Just google “direct consumer lab tests” and you'll see there are many many companies now. That is a booming industry, and it's become very available, very easy to get done. So you can get that done on your own

Now, the interpretation of the tests is a little bit more tricky, and I urge you to engage in Undoctored online programs to have those discussions. What does a TSH of 4.0 µIU mean? What does it mean when a free T3 is low? What does it mean when your free T3 is fine but your reverse T3 is high? So there are many many different facets of thyroid dysfunction that need to be addressed, and you can do that in the Undoctored online programs, where we have lots and lots of discussions about thyroid status and how to manage it, and if necessary, do it on your own.