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Are There Any Good Doctors?

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Are there any good doctors?
Yes there are. You may be surprised to hear me say that because I criticize doctors pretty heavily in the healthcare system, in my book Undoctored — Why Health Care Has Failed You And How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor, and I show you in this book how they have made some big blunders, and how they dispense health and fail to provide you with genuine health advice.

You can have a very good doctor who adheres to and practices consensus guidelines like for cholesterol treatment, or surveillance testing like colonoscopies and mammograms. You have a good doctor who's very good at procedures. You can have a doctor who's very good at being knowledgeable about drugs and side effects and interactions of drugs.

Those are good doctors. But do they provide you with health? No, they don't. The drugs address the diagnosis, but not necessarily health. For instance, if you had bone thinning, abnormal bone thing, osteopenia or osteoporosis, and were at risk for bone fractures, like hip fractures, what does the doctor usually start with? A prescription drug, which is costly and full of pretty nasty side effects, including fractures, and death of the jawbone, necrosis of the jawbone, that requires replacement — a very dangerous painful problem.

Why didn't that “good” doctor start with all the natural solutions for osteopenia/osteoporosis, that have been shown to work, like vitamin D, not calcium, vitamin D; a discussion about vitamin K2; a discussion about dietary sources of K1; how about axial impact exercise like jumping rope or jumping in place or playing tennis things that cause stress physical good healthy stress to the spine and hips that increases bone density, and other natural strategies. Shouldn't they have told you that first?

But the “good” doctor almost always starts with that prescription, and doesn't even talk about natural solutions (outside of calcium). They tell you calcium, but calcium doesn't work. It increases heart attack risk. It causes your valves become calcified (which is a bad problem), and does not reduce risk for osteoporotic fracture. So the “good” doctor, who looks good by conventional criteria, can be pretty lousy at dispensing health.

That's why the conversations I provide in Undoctored are so crucial, because these are the strategies that you need to follow to have health. If you have, once gain to use an example, osteopenia/osteoporosis, you're not going to prescribe yourself an osteoporosis drug. You're going to try the natural solution, and that's detailed, by the way, in the Undoctored book, among many other conditions, and how to address various issues.

That's the way you're going to do it; and it works for the great majority of people, and it keeps you away from the doctor and his misinformed solutions. This is why I say over and over again: when you are undoctored, you're not compromising, you're not cutting corners, you're not getting a level of health beneath that provided by the doctor. You get health that is dramatically superior — superior the kind of health provided by doctors and the healthcare system. You're after health, not profit, not growing revenues, not adding a 40 million dollar new cardiovascular wing or oncology floor to your hospital. You are about health, and you know what, you can achieve astounding health, weight loss and levels of functioning far better than your doctor would have ever achieved.