Undoctored Success Stories

Toni's Struggles and Ultimate Success

In 1996 I was taking fen-phen (fenfluramine-phentermine) because I needed to get thin.  I lost the weight but it was exasperating, tiring, and the energy wasn't there  Then the reports came out that fen-phen was making people sick.  I was selling cars and was go, go, go and eating pizza, whatever I could, between selling cars.  I looked up at age 43 and realized I was five foot nine and weighed 267 pounds!  Then I got my real estate license and had to take a picture for the license.  Oh my goodness, I took the picture and could not believe it.  I was so embarrassed!  Next, I got my second colonoscopy.  The first was free and clear.  On the second they found seven polyps.  I had to make a change but wasn't sure what to do.

"Dr. Davis, you have been such an inspiration in my life. It's just been, WOW, WOW, WOW!"

The women in my family all died of heart disease at 74 or before.  I wanted to live to be 94 or 104 and knew I had to make some changes.  I tried Curves, CrossFit, hired a personal trainer, listened, but to doctors but, after two years doing all this crazy stuff, I wasn't losing any weight.  Something was wrong.  In 2017, I discovered you (Dr. Davis).  Now, I am so thrilled to eat they way that I do and I am never, ever hungry.  I wake up with such joy and energy in my life.  This is not your momma's diet.  This is not a diet at all.  I love it!  Now, my blood pressure is down, I feel good, my clothes feel good, I look good!

Dr. Davis Comments: In addition to weight loss and achieving normal blood pressure, Toni's experience highlights how continual learning is part of the Undoctored success process.