Undoctored Success Stories

Kathy: Healthier, slender, younger

Just came back from my annual physical, where I managed to shock the bejeezus out of my doctor, which is not an easy thing to do.

She looked at my vitals and last year's report, looked at me and said in complete surprise ‘What HAVE you been doing?! What happened to last year's issues?’ Meaning dangerously low blood pressure, heart palpitations, GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease], Barrett's esophagitis (a nasty little swallowing disorder), leg edema, unstoppable weight gain/BMI in the obese range, chronic fatigue and brain fog, and zero libido to be the frosting on that little cake of unpleasantness.

All of those issues have been completely resolved, BMI normal and healthy and my blood pressure has actually increased to normal. I've always had very low blood pressure which caused fainting spells, edema, and heart palpitations. I've actually passed out right in front of her during exams in the past. Haven't had any of those issues since starting this way of eating 11 months ago.
The 'before' was taken during a time when I was doing CrossFit 3 times a week, spin classes 3 times a week AND riding my bicycle hundreds of miles a week (yes, every week) to train for 100-mile charity bike rides. All the while eating low-fat and 'healthy' whole grains and barely losing any weight. Would you just look at that butt! My doctor told a frustrated me that I just needed to exercise more and it would come off. I asked her what more could I do, wrestle a bear?!

The 'after' is me 80 pounds lighter after 18 months grain-free, cardiac issues gone. And recovering from a broken ankle and being confined to a walking boot for almost two months. The muscles that I’ve worked so hard to build for years are finally showing. I’m 53 and a half and am here to show that it’s never too late to get your health back and you’re never too old to start living!
“2.5 years following the Wheat Belly way of life! Thank you Dr Davis and April Duval for showing me the way!  Lost 80 pounds, gained 25 years of health and youth back. Maintaining beautifully.

“The before pic was taken 9 years ago and I wasn’t even at my heaviest at that point. The before pic is the result of decades of low-fat, high carb, ‘healthy’ whole grain poisoning. This way of eating WORKS. Follow the plan 100% to the letter and you will have success. 

“I’m 54 years old and feel 24. I’ve slipped here and there but I’m reminded very quickly why I need to stay compliant when I feel like complete crap after eating something non compliant. Soldier on, you can do this!

“I will add that in the before picture, my hair was starting to thin out on the top and the back and it’s growing back now.”

It’s the reversal of inflammation that is responsible for achieving, in effect, age reversal with benefits that go beyond that of just weight loss. 80 pounds lost is nothing to sniff at, of course, but Kathy has achieved so much more than weight loss. This is why the Wheat Belly lifestyle is so powerful.