Undoctored Success Stories

Sachi: A journey from dying to UNDOCTORED!

My main problem was I was a vegetarian and I was ignorant.  I used to "bless" my food if I was eating non-organic food thinking it would all work out and it very much did not!  It was a mistake and I did not know that until I almost died.  I went to the hospital thinking I had a kidney infection.  They did MRIs, sonograms and said, "You have pancreatic cancer ... we are going in for surgery."  I  said, "No we're not, I'm going home to die!" and hung up the phone.

"They said, "You have pancreatic cancer ... we are going in for surgery." I said, "No we're not, I'm going home to die!" and hung up the phone."

So at that point I thought why don't I just see what's bad for the pancreas and what's good for it.  I've got this Internet here why don't I just look and see what's going on.  I was doing everything wrong.

I had a vegetarian doctor who told me I have sarcopenia and it is incurable.  Another doctor told me I had thyroid and adrenal problems and my gallbladder has polyps.  I have all the pill bottles still just to prove it!  The doctors are really sweet but boy are they uneducated.

Then I found Dr. Davis.  That's when it all changed.  That's when it all turned around. I watched every video I could find of Dr. Davis.  When I decided to eat meat for the first time I said, "Well, this is either going to kill me, and I don't care, or it's not!"  So, I ate it and I thought, "I feel pretty good!"  I was a vegan and now I am a carnivore.  I starting eating L. reuteri yogurt and cut out everything from my diet I shouldn't eat.

It changed my mental state,  Before, I couldn't remember anything. I was having panic attacks and petit mal seizures.  Now, I get up at 5:00AM and don't feel tired until 10:30 or 11:00PM.  I didn't have this much energy even twenty years ago when I was eating grains,  About a year later I had another scan and was told my pancreas was fine and to "keep doing whatever you are doing for your thyroid" and "whatever you're doing for your adrenal glands is working really well now."  The sarcopenia is gone and I have muscles again.  As an artist, I also feel I am more creative.  My stress has evaporated.  I am 75 this year and I feel better than I did when I was 55.

Thank you Dr. Davis!