Undoctored Success Stories

David R: Looking to Share My Success

I got a cardiac calcium score that I didn't feel was very good an it was growing 30% higher every year.  Plus, I was battling hypertension and Dr. Davis's book, to me, seemed to have answers to all this stuff.  It's really a system of making sure all the fundamentals are covered.  It's so simple.

"I'm at the point where I can eat as much as I want and I still lose weight."

I have a lot more energy, I'm sleeping better, to be carrying around 16 less pounds just makes everything easier, I don't get as sore after weight training, my overall inflammation has dropped and I just had a blood test to prove it!


My doctor was expecting to double my statin but actually cut it in half to the lowest dose and was really happy to be able to take me off my blood pressure medication.