Undoctored Success Stories

Christine: A breathtaking transformation

"My health is amazing!"

My health is amazing! My blood pressure is down and I was borderline diabetic and my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I was suffering SEVERE lower back pain, migraines and suffered CHRONIC sinusitis. 

Also, need to add I was exhausted ALL the time and had horrible acid reflux and swallowing problems. My husband got on board, down 30 lbs., my sister down 27.5 and my father down 25!

Can you see why I stress over and over again: this lifestyle is a path back to HEALTH, weight loss just being a happy side-benefit. Christine reversed a list of chronic health conditions that stumped doctors or prompted prescriptions, each with its own set of health consequences.

Why not instead simply remove the cause of so many health problems?

This is Christine’s impressive transformation: weight down 100 pounds over 15 months, back pain, migraines, sinus infections all gone.