Undoctored Success Stories

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The Undoctored Program has helped people achieve weight loss; reverse fatty liver, high triglycerides, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and many other conditions; turn back the clock on aging and have increased their energy by living an Undoctored life. Check out our success stories below. If you have a success story to share, Click Here to share your success story with us!

Sachi: A journey from dying to UNDOCTORED!

 An incredible and total health transformation for this world-renowned artist, actress, and former Playboy centerfold.

Toni's Struggles and Ultimate Success

 An inspiring story of struggles, trial and error, and ultimately, a path to weight loss, vitality, health, and happiness.

Marilyn: I went from existing to living

SUCCESS STORY: The daughter of a grain farmer, Marilyn found her path from helplessness to renewed health, vigor, and youth.

Keoni: Health starts in the kitchen

 This isn't a diet or a fad. This is the way our bodies work. Dr. Davis, "Thank you!"

David R: Looking to Share My Success

 I have had a lot of good things happen and I just wanted to maybe help others with what I have to say ...

Jessica: I thought I was dying!

 One of my doctors saw my amazing results and wanted to know how I was doing it.

Tammy: Metabolic mess to miracle!

 My family and friends were amazed. They kept asking me, "What did you do?"

Ceithlenn: One small change every day

 Within the first couple of weeks I was feeling so much better. People were just amazed and said, "I'd like to try that too!"

Carl: 40 Years of Poor Health Restored


Kathy: Healthier, slender, younger

 Just came back from my annual physical, where I managed to shock the bejeezus out of my doctor.

Katie: My entire life has changed

SUCCESS STORY: My entire life has changed. Every day I find something new. Every day I feel better than the one before.

Rexene: Incredible triumph over disease

SUCCESS STORY: High blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, IBS, acid reflux, sinus infections, multiple medications - GONE!

April: A journey of health & empowerment

 It is a journey, it didn't happen overnight, we didn't get unhealthy overnight.

Susan: The Key to Spectacular Results

 Her whole life, Susan had many mysterious maladies.  Then, at 73, she discovered the "Undoctored" answer!

Christine: A breathtaking transformation

SUCCESS STORY: My health is amazing. Why not simply remove the cause of so many health problems?

A highly sought-after cardiologist, author and health professional, Dr. William Davis has been working the past 20 years to help people like you and those above achieve their ideal health. At the Undoctored Inner Circle Dr. Davis hosts weekly video meet-ups, where members interact directly with him and ask their questions, share health conscious recipes, have access to exclusive articles on health protocols and he makes himself available in the Undoctored forums to interact with our members.

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