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Comprehensive Gut Health Test Kit

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With the Comprehensive Gut Biome & Health Test, your stool sample is examined to determine:

1. Candida and mold
2. Bacterial imbalance of the intestinal flora
3. pH-value of the stool
4. Pancreatic elastase (malabsorption)
5. Alpha-1-antitrypsin (inflammation)
6. Secretory IgA (gut mucosal immunology)
7. Helicobacter pylori

Product Info

DIAGNOSIS: Extensive examination of your intestinal area, including your gut bacteria, from a stool sample & find root causes for digestive problems, a slow metabolism, food intolerances, a weakened immune system, etc.

CONTROL: Check your gut regarding mould (Candida), thrush, yeast, gut flora, inflammations within your intestine (leaky gut) and many others.

SIMPLICITY: Easy to do at home - once you get your test kit, take the sample and send it back to our Verisana lab COMPLETE: Everything included - sample instruction, test tubes and a bag for return shipment.

ANALYSIS: Scientific analysis and laboratory report via email included in price