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There’s a clever, elegant new consumer health testing device called AIRE made by a company called FoodMarble. The device measures hydrogen gas, H2, in the breath, the same as formal H2 testing used to diagnose small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

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Formal H2 breath testing is a hassle. There’s a day-before prep, you drink a sugar solution (lactulose or glucose), then collect breath samples every 30 minutes for 3 hours, then mail the package to a lab. If obtained directly without a doctor, each single-use test kit (glucose only) costs $149. If obtained through a doctor, then additional charges are typically added, especially if the testing is done in a lab or office. Each test kit is useful for only one round of tests. If you want to verify, for instance, that SIBO has been eradicated after a course of antibiotics, then you have to purchase another test kit and go through the process again. The same is true when assessing for all-too-common recurrences: another $149 test kit, another round of testing.

The AIRE device is therefore a game-changer, as it is reusable over and over again. It can save a lot money over time, as well as cut down considerably on the hassle. It is exceptionally easy to use: turn the device on by pushing a button, open the app on your smartphone. It takes about two minutes for the device to warm-up, then it tells you to blow into the device for about 5 seconds and yields a 0-10 H2 reading within a few seconds.

Learn More about SIBO, H2 breath testing, and the unique and powerful ways the Aire device can be used in conjunction with the Undoctored SIBO Protocol.

How does it work?


Food Not Absorbed

When you eat something, it travels through your stomach and into your small intestine for absorption. If it's not fully digested, the remainder continues on to your large intestine where the bacteria start to break it down by a process called fermentation.

blood drop

Hydrogen produced

Hydrogen is only produced during fermentation. This hydrogen makes its way into the bloodstream and begins to circulate around the body, moving to the lungs.


Exhaled on breath

Once it reaches the lungs, the hydrogen is exhaled on your breath. When you breathe into your device, you can measure the level of hydrogen at that time.