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This self-directed, health empowering, cost-saving Program gives you access to exclusive articles, recipes and live video conversations with Dr. Davis and his team of trusted professionals who support you every step of the way.

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Top 6 ways Undoctored can help you achieve your results 

If you are reading this, then you are considering making one of the best decisions of your life, to take control of you, your health and wellness. Our program was designed to guide you as you accomplish your goals, whether that be weight loss, improved health, freedom from prescription medications, even age-reversal.
Meetups with Dr. William Davis of Undoctored
   Meet with Dr. Davis
Get guidance from day one and ask your questions to Dr. Davis on a live-video session scheduled to address member questions. Attending a member meetup is one Dr. appointment you don’t want to miss.
Dr. Approved Recipes and Meal Plans Undoctored
   Dr. Approved Recipes
   and Meal Plans
It’s not just about healthy recipes, it’s knowing what will make a difference for you. Additionally the Meal Planner program will help you plan your meals to your unique needs and lifestyle.
Dr. Approved Recipes and Meal Plans Undoctored
   Exclusive Health             
   Insights and News
Have access to cutting-edge health information, not available on other platforms. Independent research and results from real people that will help you take a step further in your health goals.
Dr. Approved Recipes and Meal Plans Undoctored
   Active Like-Minded
We currently hold over 150,000 health conversations through our discussion Forums and Live video sessions. Receive unique support and in-depth answers from Dr. Davis and his team.
Dr. Approved Recipes and Meal Plans Undoctored
   Health Programs
From a 10 Day Detox program to a long term strategy to improve your overall health and appearance, we have the knowledge and the guided steps that will allow you to take control of your health.
Dr. Approved Recipes and Meal Plans Undoctored
   Personalized Account
Our exclusive and unique account that allows you to track your health indicators in one Spot, and measure your progress against the key aspects that you’re looking to improve.


Personalized Account

Undoctored Inner Circle Program

Track your health indicators all in one spot

If there’s one thing we know to be true in the health profession it's how motivating it is for our members to see all of their healthy habits reflected on either their scale or health charts. It’s so important to be able to accurately track progress when you’re working towards a goal.
How you feel and how it shows in your health reports is important to us all, that's why we've created a personalized account for you to do just that. 
When you become a member of Undoctored you can rely on our platform to clearly show the goals you're working towards, your starting point and progress throughout your entire journey.  



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By joining the Undoctored Inner Circle you can achieve the ideal health you deserve, with advice and information you trust. Stop the guess work and count on us to support in your journey. Dr. Davis has helped millions of people improve their health, life and appearance.
For less than $0.49 a day you can make the difference in your life!


What our Members have to say


“This is the most cogent and clearly explained process to improve health I have ever encountered. It is simple and straightforward. Based on the results I have had; it is very impressive.” – William  



Great, accessible, detailed information. Best way to learn AND get specific questions answered. Highly recommend!” – Dianne



“This way of eating works.”



“Best idea in healthcare is the undoctored way of living. Been apart of the inner circle for over a year and my healing is beyond anything I expected. Do the program without complaining about it being too hard. I see it as my job description and that’s easy. Knowledge is power and following the wisdom of Dr Davis is wisdom.” – Duane  



“It will help you change your health around to be best you can be!! It's the only way to live for me!” –Rexene


“All I want is to feel better after close to 3 years of being nauseated daily, Wheat Belly and now Undoctored are helping me get there” –Annette



“It's the best health guide available. Because of Dr Davis I'm exceedingly healthy. When I first started reading books and blogs by Dr Davis I was very ill. The results I got from following his recommendations changed my life. As I adopted each step symptoms disappeared and I felt healthier and healthier as time went on. This lifestyle change saved my life.” – Susan


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  • Regular Live Video calls with Dr. Davis
  • Unlimited moderated conversations with Dr. Davis and Undoctored community
  • Unique access to Advanced Health Topics
  • Receive Cutting-edge Health Insights and News
  • Exclusive access to Protocols and Recommendations for pressing health issues
  • Dr. Approved Recipes and Meal Plan to guide day-by-day
  • Personalized Health Account  to track your health indicators in one Spot
  • Active Like-Minded Community
  • Special discount for Dr. Davis Workshops
  • So much more!