Undoctored Mastermind Sessions Overview

Join our first-ever series of Undoctored Mastermind Sessions hosted by Dr. William Davis in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In these in-depth conversations, Dr. Davis will take a deep-dive into health applying the newest, most cutting-edge concepts to achieve higher levels of daytime functioning, break stubborn weight loss plateaus, increase youthfulness and reverse aging, manage your personal microbiome, and other new and exciting concepts. The conversations will focus on delivering practical, actionable strategies achievable on your own without the interference of doctors or the healthcare system. The program provides a full-day event, including entertainment over a gourmet chef-prepared lunch, concluded with an intimate open wine bar and healthy hors d’oeuvres.

There is an optional pre-event cocktail hour on the evening prior to the main event for anyone wishing to spend more time with our host, Dr. Davis.

Attendance is limited to first 50 attendees to ensure a personal, intimate experience for maximum benefit.

Saturday, August 24, 2019 from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm.

NŌ STUDIOS 1037 W. McKinley Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205.

The Session Schedule will cover new and exciting strategies that add to the power of the Undoctored and Wheat Belly lifestyles to yield effects that further improve health, weight control, performance, and youthful appearance.

Private VIP reception with Dr. Davis for a limited number of attendees on Friday, August 23, 2019 from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm (requires special ticket).

General Public: $595
Inner Circle Members: $495 (become a Member)
Private VIP Reception with Dr. Davis: $195 (includes open wine bar and hors d'oeuvres)

(Travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of each attendee)

Who Should Attend?:
This first Mastermind Session is designed for both beginners and those wishing to expand their knowledge of Dr. Davis's proven health, longevity, and youth-restoration strategies via close interaction with Dr. Davis. The Session will open with a short review of basic principles and move onto more advanced and personalized strategies useful to everyone from the personally health-conscious to professional practitioners.

The Session Program Schedule

All Session functions will be held at NŌ STUDIOS in the recently redeveloped and historic Brewery District of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wheat Belly rocked the nutritional world with insights and revelations that changed the way we view grains, diet, and health. Undoctored pulled back the curtain on the exploitative system that conventional healthcare has become while laying out a blueprint for rediscovering magnificent health without the doctor or healthcare system.

In author Dr. William Davis’ Undoctored Mastermind Sessions, he will explore the new and exciting strategies that add to the power of the Undoctored and Wheat Belly lifestyles to yield effects that further improve health, control over weight, and performance--even turning the clock back on aging 10 or 20 years. Many of the concepts presented have not been previously discussed, groundbreaking ideas at the forefront that take health and human performance to even higher levels.

Friday, August 23th, 2019

7:00-8:30 pm: VIP Reception and "Backstage Pass" with Dr. Davis
Attendance limited to 10 attendees. Enjoy an exclusive opportunity to meet with Dr. Davis and discuss anything and everything Undoctored, Wheat Belly, and all the new concepts Dr. Davis has introduced over the past several years. We will be serving select wines and hors d’oeuvres.

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Registration and Optional Introductory Session

8:45 am: Registration
Coffee, tea, grain-free low-carb snacks, MCT oil and collagen hydrolysates on hand for mental clarity, energy, and joint and skin health

9:00 am: Introductory program for anyone not fully familiar with Dr. Davis’ Undoctored and Wheat Belly programs
We begin with an optional introduction and basic program summary for anyone unfamiliar with the Undoctored or Wheat Belly programs or for anyone who might benefit from a refresher.

Main Program

10:00 am: Oxytocin: Boost the Hormone of Anti-Aging
For years, the sole function of the hormone oxytocin was thought to be uterine contraction during delivery of a baby. Oxytocin has more recently been proven to be far more important. We are now witnessing how oxytocin rebuilds muscle lost with aging, preserves bone density, restores healing to youthful levels, heightens the immune response, restores youthful hormone levels and exerts other age-reversing effects. We take advantage of all this by cultivating specific bacterial species via yogurt that substantially boost oxytocin levels with some amazing results. At the close, I shall demonstrate how we make yogurt fermented via our unique methods to cultivate the microorganisms that yield these effects.

11:00 am: Harness the Power of the Microbiome
Modern people have experienced major disruption in the composition of bowel flora, the microorganisms inhabiting the colon. Bowel flora is known to exert a major influence over gastrointestinal and metabolic health, weight, even emotional and mental health. Disruption of bowel flora in species, numbers, and location have been associated with numerous health struggles such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, diverticular disease, depression, even colon cancer. We will discuss the steps necessary to reverse this situation, including conversations about exceptionally common small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and fungal overgrowth (SIFO)--how to recognize, confirm, then manage and correct, steps necessary to regain control over health. Because few doctors address these crucial health issues, we show you how to achieve this on your own.

12:00 pm: Entertainment by comedian and filmmaker Tom Naughton; Lunch hosted by Chef Krista Roslof
Comedian Tom Naughton will share his signature brand of health and comedy over lunch. His documentary movie, Fat Head, took the conversation on diet and the misinterpretation of what passes for dietary “science” to a new level, shining a light on the folly and flawed logic of modern dietary concepts. Tom’s special gift is cutting through the BS of life and health with unmatched wit and educating while making you laugh.

Join us for a grain-free, low-carb, whole food lunch of healthy and delicious ingredients prepared by chef Krista Roslof. Chef Krista’s experiences from New York and Chicago are now brought back to Milwaukee to wow you with a fabulous grain-free meal at the upper level dining area at No Studios. Attention to nutritional and health detail is her special area of expertise, as well as providing a satisfying and healthy culinary experience.

1:30 pm: Maintaining and Improving Brain Health: Long-term preservation of memory and cognition
A handful of important strategies can tip the scales in favor of long-term preservation of memory and cognition and reduce/eliminate potential for cognitive decline and dementia. I shall discuss the crucial difference between nootropic and neurotrophic effects: nootropic agents, used properly, enhance memory, creativity, and mental performance but do not contribute to brain health, while neurotrophic strategies yield anatomic and physiologic changes in the brain that protect it from the deterioration of aging and dementia. Both classes of strategies can be put to use for maximum benefit. New insights into maintaining brain health and minimize potential for cognitive decline will be discussed, insights that require no prescription drugs, no painful interventions, only tools and strategies you already have at your fingertips.

2:00 pm: Bonus content: Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus
Losing weight has nothing to do with cutting calories. “Move more, eat less” is an absolute disaster of conventional thinking that yields short-term success but ensures long-term failure. Cutting dietary fat is a sure-fire formula for weight gain, heart disease, and dementia. So, if weight loss is among your goals, what should you do if all conventional notions of weight loss achieve the opposite?

Let’s discuss the strategies that not only work to achieve weight loss, but restore health, even restore youthful characteristics, as well. This discussion will shatter conventional notions of weight control but give you the tools to achieve the weight loss that you desire.

3:30 pm: Closing: Emerging Undoctored Concepts and Future Directions
Key to the success of the Undoctored approach is the collaboration we enjoy that is not part of conventional healthcare. We embrace new ideas but also resurrect old but proven health ideas that further empower our success. Dr. Davis shall discuss some of the newest ideas on the horizon that will be explored in coming months and years.

4:30 pm: Cocktail hour in the NŌ STUDIOS main floor bar and lounge. Join us for an open wine bar in the elegant main lounge.

The Event Venue

NŌ STUDIOS is a destination for creatives and lovers of art located in the heart of the historic Pabst Brewery complex. Its 40,000 square foot headquarters is a fully equipped infrastructure featuring offices, a state-of-the-art screening room, performance stage, bar, and rooftop lounge.

Travel and Accommodations Info

Hyatt Place (2 blocks from event, special event rate of $178/night)

The Brewhouse Inn & Suites (1 block from event)

The above hotels are the two closest to the Session venue. There are numerous other hotels near the Session venue and in outlying areas offering a range of rates. Use your favorite online hotel booking site to find preferred rates and locations.

Free surface lot parking is available for session participants adjacent to the entrance of NŌ STUDIOS on the day of the event.