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Topics covered in our past LIVE Q&A with Dr. Davis.

  • Different recipes using the meal planner
  • Intestinal fungal growth & causes
  • AIRE device benefits and features
  • SIBO and how it can be correlated to diarrhea
  • Using vitamin K2 and MK7 supplements
  • Availability left on Wheatbelly/Undoctored cruise
  • Why magnesium water is healthier for you 
  • And more!

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Staying on track this year can be easier than ever by joining the Undoctored Inner Circle. Dr. Davis and the Undoctored Inner Circle team help people like YOU lose weight, dramatically improve your health and even turn the clock back on appearance and energy.
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On the Undoctored program, you will be freed from cravings and excessive appetite, explaining why so many people LOSE weight through this resource. Check out some of our success stories.

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“Hi, I’m Dr. William Davis, founder of the revolutionary Undoctored program for health and author of several books, including Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You, How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor and the Wheat Belly series of books. There is no program for health more powerful than our Undoctored program and the support you obtain through this interactive Inner Circle. Come join our community, join the conversation, and help us spread the word of magnificent health, slender, and youthful results that are SUPERIOR to the results you could obtain through the doctor's office or hospital." 

The first 10 days are critical in any lifestyle change and especially important when beginning an Undoctored lifestyle.

Initial steps during the first 10 days 
  1. Take a before photo (so you can compare it to an after photo in the future)
  2. Hydrate more than usual and salt your food
  3. Purchase needed supplements (listed on our site)
  4. Adapt the dietary changes
  5. Rid your refrigerator and pantry of all wheat, grains, and high sugar/carb items
  6. Purchase the items on the grocery list (on the right) to ensure you have the necessary items


Become a member for only $14.99/month.

Dr. Davis and the Undoctored Inner Circle team help people like YOU lose weight, dramatically improve your health, and even turn the clock back on appearance and energy.
Real People...Real Success
Want life-changing results? Learn how so many people have overcome weight loss, high blood pressure, and have increased their energy in an Undoctored lifestyle.
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