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Posted: 2/22/2022 11:40:42 AM
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About the Recipes Sub-forum

Page Edition: 2022-05-03

Program Recipes:

Published program recipes are found in these two locations:
☕ Inner Circle Kitchen Recipes
☕ Blog Recipes Mirrored on the Inner Circle

All of the site “Kitchen” recipes have a dedicated discussion thread (Topic) in this forum, linked back to the recipe, and linked from the recipe.

Because the Blog Recipes are mirrored on the Inner Circle as forum Topics, each has/is its own thread, available for discussion.

The Role of This Sub-Forum

Per the forum short description:
Discuss program recipes (including yogurts). Post and discuss your own low-carb, grain free recipes here.


  • Discuss Inner Circle Kitchen recipes
    including posting images for those presently lacking them. Use the recipe’s dedicated thread at will.
  • Discuss general ingredients, techniques and equipment
  • Post your own recipes
    and keep in mind that you can revise them in place if anything gets overlooked or later revised
  • Discuss Blog Recipes
    although it might be more effective to do that on the recipe’s own thread in the PCM.


  • Re-post, without permission, copyrighted recipes found on the web or in cookbooks

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