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Is it SIBO or am I myopically focused on the wrong idea?

Inner Circle Member Forum >> Bowel Flora and Digestive Health >> Is it SIBO or am I myopically focused on the wrong idea?


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Posted: 6/11/2019 3:07:01 PM
I’ve never actually been formally diagnosed with SIBO, but I imagined that’s what I have and Dr. Davis seemed to confirm that when posting queries in the forum. I decided to treat empirically and have used oregano oil, berberine, black seed oil, probiotics and some herbs(targeted specifically for what showed up on a stool test) in recipes (not all at once). I gave them a good month trial, but nothing helped at all with digestive issues. This makes me all wonder if this is SIBO or some sort of hormonal disruption that’s causing the gut dysfunction. Or maybe I have some resistant superbugs and I simply haven’t found the right herb formulation or probiotic that knocks these species down. James Schaller specifically talks about specific herbs for certain species in his book Combating Biofilms

An elevated Klebsiella count did show up on a stool test, but I’m really not sure if that one species could be causing most or all of my gut issues. It’s supposedly pretty hard to knock down and resistant to certain strategies. I’m wondering if an H.Pylori breath test would be worth ordering. H. Pylori is said to modulate leptin/grhelin and my biggest problem is extreme hunger all day long even after large low carb/high fat meals and following all details of Undoctored/Wheat Belly. Also what’s weird is the hunger goes away entirely after about every 2 weeks, I remain satiated after meals, then about a week later I always have a return of the same hunger. My doctor’s useless in providing any suggestions for anything. She just says "eat less", "exercise", "eat small more frequent meals", etc. Same with the endocrinologist I saw. Just useless. I thought these two would be more knowledgeable about this, or maybe there’s just simply not enough evidence to suggest what’s going on

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