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Arterial Protect by Life Extension

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Posted: 10/10/2018 6:49:01 PM
Just read some interesting clinical studies on this product.  Anyone have experience with this or comments?

Life Extension - Arterial Protect - 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Life Extension Arterial Protect is a combination of proprietary Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract and Centellicum Centella asiatica leaf extract. The extracts in Arterial Protect have been documented to support the body’s ability to control plaque formation. They also promote the body’s natural maintenance of the stability of arterial plaque, helping to avoid ruptures and maintain healthy blood flow throughout the body. As one ages, lipids in combination with inflammatory cells, cellular waste products and calcium build up within the walls of the blood vessels to form arterial plaque. If this plaque becomes unstable, it can rupture, potentially damaging the thin layer of cells along the arteries (endothelium) and may block blood flow.

Arterial Protect Features:

  • Supports heart health 
  • Promotes healthy blood flow 
  • Enhances stability of arterial plaque  
  • Vegetarian 
  • 100 mg Pycnogenol 
  • 257 mg Cetellicum (Centella asiatica

Pycnogenol has been demonstrated in controlled research to improve endothelial function and arterial blood flow. It also significantly reduces oxidative stress. Additionally, Pycnogenol is known to help modulate healthy inflammation and to help inhibit platelet aggregation. Centella asiatica has been shown in placebo-controlled studies to result in enhanced stability of arterial plaque. Centella asiatica modulates production of collagen, which is found in the composition of the cap holding plaque in place. It also supports free radical defense mechanisms and helps promote healthy inflammation levels.

When human volunteers were supplemented with both Pycnogenol and Centella asiatica—the two ingredients in Arterial Protect—progression of arterial plaque was substantially reduced, and this was associated with a reduction in oxidative stress. For those seeking enhanced arterial protection, take just one vegetarian capsule daily of Arterial Protect to naturally stabilize endothelial plaque and promote healthy blood flow.

Tags: Plaque prevention


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Posted: 10/10/2018 7:10:22 PM
I take it in the AM daily, works for me so far.  New scan next week will see if my CAC regression continues



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Posted: 10/10/2018 9:17:51 PM
Thanks for the input.  I cannot seen any negatives in trying this along with all supplements recommended in the Cureality regimen.


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Posted: 10/11/2018 5:56:24 PM
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