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Randall K. Wolf, MD, FACS, FACC.......Has an over 90% Cure Rate For Atrial Fibrillation

Member Forum >> UnKnown >> Randall K. Wolf, MD, FACS, FACC.......Has an over 90% Cure Rate For Atrial Fibrillation


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Posted: 7/22/2010 9:42:08 AM

Patient Testimonial video

Share the journey of Chuck M. by clicking here.


I was struggling with Atrial Fibrillation for over three years, which included several procedures by another group of cardiologists including a stent in my …artery, five blood clots which were attributed to the stent, several hospital stays, medication trials and errors, concluding with a cardioversion…. Within a week I was back in A Fib. This, of course, left me depressed, extremely and easily tired out and upset about all the medicine I thought would be my life sentence.

In February 2009 Dr. Wolf’s billboard on I-71 caught my eye. … I contacted his office and the seminars were offered but I expressed my desire for a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Wolf. Within a week I had an appointment…. I was totally impressed by Dr. Wolf and his staff. They left no stone unturned in explaining the procedure, the timeframes, the possible complications, the battery of tests….  On March 16 the procedure was performed. By April 1, 2009 I was in sinus rhythm!

Dr. Wolf began weaning me off my meds, including Sotalol. On July 24, 2009, I was taken off all medication except Diltiazem, including the dreaded Coumadin. I celebrate this wonderful gift of being A-Fib free and medicine free, all thanks to Dr. Wolf and the care I received at Deaconess. You have a very knowledgeable and caring team of professionals.

Thank you,
Thomas G.

I am writing to Thank the Staff at  the Cincinnati Deaconess Hospital for the absolutely outstanding care I received during my recent Mini- Maze procedure.

Not knowing what to expect, being from Boston and having had numerous experiences in ICU's, I came to Cincinnati with some trepidation and believing the paradigm that the Big Boston Hospitals delivered the best care.  I was delighted to find out first hand,that Cincinnati Deaconess changed that paradigm exceeding all my hopes & expectations.  The staff both in admitting and the ICU are the best I have ever experienced.

Arriving Sunday with lots of concerns the nursing staff  quickly put my fears to rest.  It was clear that the staff were professionals, worked as a team and focused on their patient…. I have never had better technical or personal nursing care.  Having no anesthesia after effects,  being released after 2 days, feeling great and in sinus rhythm, speaks volumes to the expertise of the Deaconess  staff. 

My friends thought I had lost it when I told them I was leaving Boston and going to Cincinnati for heart surgery.  You demonstrate every day how a small independent hospital with great people who care can be the best.

Highest Regards,
Fred C.
Acton, MA

Dr. Wolf,

August 7th will be my three year anniversary from the minimaze procedure and I want to voice my appreciation once again. When you so kindly took me "in" after three failed femoral catheter ablations (actually my rhythm was worse following each attempt) I was almost a cardiac cripple. Running had become impossible and even walks were becoming difficult. For a person who ran marathons, 10ks and relays competitively this was devastating. The discomfort A-fib brought to my life was becoming such a distraction even my professional life had lost its luster.

Now three years out from your procedure I run, hike, bike and started a medical laboratory serving physicians throughout the country. Though it is cliché, I have my life back thanks to your deft hands and procedure. Please accept my deepest gratitude and best wishes for continued success.

Warm regards,
Dr. Jay H. M., M.D. FASCP

Dear Dr. Wolf and Staff,

Today I'm celebrating my second full year as a normal person. I'm not burdened with a fast heart beat.

My only frustration is that I can't fully express how terrible it is to have such a condition and fantastic it is to feel normal.

Thank you Dr. Wolf and your wonderful staff.

Joe P.

Dear Dr. Wolf,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a great Christmas. Since my Mini-maze in November of 2005, I have been able to live a much better life thanks to you. Alice and I often talk of how much we owe to you and your staff. I am 69 now with no health issues. Still drive for WALMART on a part time basis. Built myself a new modern workshop last summer for a place to pursue my hobbies. I sincerely hope life is treating you and yours as well.

Robert J.

Dear Dr Wolf,

I had the procedure done Thanksgiving, 2006 (?)--was it that long ago? Anyway, I'm doing great--not a single afib episode--nothing abnormal. I don't take coumadin but only my normal blood pressure medication---and I drink as much alcohol as I want.

Use me anytime for a reference--prospective patients can always call me. I'll tell them this was a completely painless, smooth operation that I highly recommend to anyone. Plus all the hospital/office staff were outstanding.

Bob M.

Dr. Wolf,

Just a quick note to brag on your expert work. Our doctor told Josh during his procedure that your work was excellent, making it very easy for him to follow you.

Keep up the good work and care for others.

Cathy T & Josh B

Dr. Wolf:

One year ago, I went through the Wolf Mini-Maze operation in Cincinnati. With your busy schedule, I wonder if you ever think about the people you've operated on and how they were doing.

I want to tell you that I am doing so well that it sometimes feels magical tome. I am off the maximum amount of Sotalol and also Coumadin. My own heartpacer is working very well. Living life and traveling are now without concern for experiencing long hours of palpitation.

I thought you'd be interested in knowing that I've had only two short episodes of arrhythmia without tachycardia. Each lasted about two hours. Both occasions occurred after some party excitement and extra-physical activity.

From the bottom of my now-strong heart, I want to thank you for your perfect operation on me. Having found you was a blessing for me. You are a TRUE magician!

I wish you great success in all the things you are doing for humanity. By taking care of our hearts, you truly touch many hearts.

Love and appreciation forever,
Farideh S

Thank you for making it possiable for us to have an AFib Free New Years! Hope you and your family have a safe and happy 2009! Thanks again for everything!

Eddie & Shellie M.

Hi Nessie and Dr. Wolf,

I wanted to let you and Dr. Wolf know that I have gone for a two month checkup with Dr H. at UT and all was well. I also have seen my regular doctor for followup blood work. He is amazed that my recuperation has been so short and successful. I am now working out on bike and treadmill as well as weight machines to get back into a much better physical condition. I want to thank you both for putting me back into a much better place. I feel normal again and do not worry about having AF attacks. Thank you for your assistance. Tell Dr Wolf hello and tell him I think he is wonderful.

Pat Z