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Fatty Liver reduction and actual Liver Detoxification with Pantethine

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Posted: 1/8/2010 12:22:03 PM
From:  Wellness Resources website;  written by Byron Richards, MD

I know that Dr. Davis has said that he has tried pantethine in the past to reduce cholesterol and lipids and did obtain success.  After about 4 months on TYP, on very low-carb diet, I was still struggling to get my blood sugar down to normal levels.  I did 2 things at the same time:   I added l-arginine on and 600 MG OF PANTETHINE, taking 300 mg two times a day.   Soon (sorry but I am not a good record keeper) I finally obtained normal blood sugars to my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT.   Now, to be sure, it could be that finally everything started to work and the change was just coincidental, but since I was so overweight, I just assumed that I probably had a fatty liver.   Also, I took Irvingia for 5 months or so and perhaps the improvement was from that.  Anyways, I think that perhaps people who are seriously overweight, AND have insulin resistance, and high BG levels might want to consider supplementing with 600 mg of pantethine for 3 to 5 months.   Since EVERYTHING is done in the LIVER, all this lipid changing activity that goes on in our own chemical laboratory, I decided to do what I could to help my liver.  Every day, I am still ABSOLUTELY THRILLED, to see normal fasting BG, and very low rises in postprandial BG.  I also added silymarin supplement.  Got both at good price from Swanson...(#SWU150  60 softgels  $9.89 300 mg/per gel)

Weight Loss, Leptin, Adiponectin, and Fatty Liver Improvement

The development of a fatty liver as a result of weight gain marks a serious metabolic turning point that sets the stage for type II diabetes and serious metabolic problems. In one study sixteen patients with fatty liver received 600 mg pantethine per day. Their liver enzymes were cut in half (returning to normal) and their adiponectin levels were improved. Improving adiponectin means that there will be less insulin resistance and risk for type II diabetes as well as less inflammation coming out of stored fat.

In another study with 16 patients with a combination of fatty liver and high triglycerides were given 600 mg a day of pantethine for six months or longer. Computed tomography (CT) was used to determine both fatty liver and abdominal fat. Nine of the sixteen patients no longer had fatty liver at the end of the study, and the follow up CT scan showed that abdominal fat had been reduced – both problems improved by panetethine.

Animal studies show that pantethine activates lipoprotein lipase, the enzyme within white adipose tissue that helps break down triglycerides so that fatty acids are available to use as fuel. This means that pantethine will directly support healthy fat metabolism within white adipose tissue, and as mentioned above this includes the boosting of adiponectin levels. The net result is to support health leptin function with stored fat. And by clearing triglycerides out of the blood, pantethine supports leptin getting into your brain more efficiently, meaning that pantethine helps overcome leptin resistance problems.

Another animal study has looked into this in even more detail. The hypothalamus gland is the key subconscious part of the brain that registers the leptin signal. When the leptin-center in the hypothalamus gland is damaged then obesity results, due to a breakdown in central regulation of metabolism by your nervous system. In this study a drug was used to induce damage to the hypothalamus gland resulting in obesity. Pantethine helped to offset the problems that were induced – resulting in lower food intake, less weight gain, better insulin and glucose levels, lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol and improved activation of lipoprotein lipase in white adipose tissue.

Pantethine is a potent nutrient to help maintain healthy fat burning and thus better leptin function.
A Natural Detoxification Booster

Pantethine has been shown to boost the activity of the important enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase, a pivotal enzyme in detoxification. Not only is this the enzyme that clears alcohol, it also clears the aldehyde toxins of Candida albicans, and aldehydes generated from damaged unsaturated fats (as in potato chips, corn chips, and French fires). There are many aldehyde-based chemicals in the environment that also overload this system. And moving aldehydes in normal chemistry reactions can be impaired, which can also jam up initial steps of detoxification (Phase I detoxification). Problems with pollen and mold reflect a lack of ability to clear aldehydes. One of the key signs of aldehyde excess is brain fog, which is why we call pantethine the “clear head pill.”

Pantethine, which makes CoA, and the Acetyl-CoA, helps to fuel the production of acetyl groups that can be used for such purposes as making acetyl-choline for memory and nerve transmission and helping to influence the liver detoxification pathways that rely on acetylation of toxins in order to get them out of your body (part of the phase II detoxification system). In this situation Acetyl-CoA uses glycine, glutamine or taurine to bind up a toxin so that it can be excreted. Many common toxins are removed in this way.

Thus, pantethine is a key player in the detoxification system. Since we are now a society overloaded by pollution, if you run low on CoA for your needed detoxification shores then you will also run low on energy, low on BDNF, low on adrenal function, and fat and cholesterol will begin to pile up – as there is just not enough CoA to get all the needed tasks performed. Pantethine can help correct multiple problems at the same time, will significantly boosting your health.