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LDL Type A or B

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Posted: 10/19/2009 9:50:46 PM

Would it be possible to add a field in the health tracker for whether you LDL is Pattern A or B?

Also, has it ever been discussed about adding more diet info on a macronutrient level such as grams of carbs, protein, and the various types of fats? I track this data since they can have a big impact on lipids.

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Posted: 10/27/2009 11:20:04 AM
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FYI, If we did the LDL pattern, we'd have to have a different one for each lab.  See CADHEART's post re: camparison of the results on the same blood sample for Berkeley vs. VAP vs. NMR.  Not even close.



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Posted: 11/3/2009 12:43:19 PM
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We could do a parameter that allowed Members to enter the actual LDL particle diameter!   When the only valuew available is pattern range one could simple enter the median value of the range.  Would that help?