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WBB: Why sun exposure may NOT be a reliable way to obtain vitamin D

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Posted: 7/17/2019 9:56:00 AM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2019-07-17 on the Wheat Belly Blog (⇩cite). | PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles. | Although the video is freely available on YouTube, mirroring it here makes it available to site searches, and provides a means for IC members to discuss it.

Why sun exposure may NOT be a reliable way to obtain vitamin D

Click ▶️ above to play 4 minute video. 【CC】available.

Humans are meant to obtain vitamin D via activation of a skin reaction with exposure to sunlight that yields the active hormone.

But there are common situations in which this does not occur or occurs to an inadequate level. This becomes increasingly true as we age, as we gradually lose the capacity to activate vitamin D in the skin as we get older. It means that at age, say, 70 you can have a dark leather tan over much of the body’s surface area yet have a 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level of 16 ng/ml—far below our target level of 60-70 ng/ml. I have personally witnessed this phenomenon countless times.

Recognize this, as restoration of healthy levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D is such a crucial aspect of overall health.

The original WBB post is currently found on the: Infinite Health Blog, but accessing it there requires an unnecessary separate blog membership. The copy of it above is complete, and has been re-curated and enhanced for the Inner Circle membership.

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