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WBB: Keoni: My Wheat Belly Journey

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Posted: 10/3/2018 1:07:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2018-10-03
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Although the video is freely available on YouTube, mirroring it here makes it available to site searches, and provides a means for IC members to discuss it.

Keoni: My Wheat Belly Journey

Click to play 3¼ minute video on YouTube

Keoni’s experience on the Wheat Belly lifestyle was life-changing.

Not only did he lose 84 pounds, but he reversed numerous health conditions and was freed from prescription medications. And he has discovered a new freedom of spirit and attitude in realizing just how great you can feel by following this lifestyle.



Keoni Butcher, Tracy California: I was obese. I couldn’t hold a conversation without having a coughing fit, and every joint in my body ached.

I weighed 242 pounds, and I had been struggling for years and years, and … I’m always in the health food store, and trying to find this thing and that thing, and nothing worked, including the doctor. Until one day I was in a health food store, and as I was leaving the store, a fellow was coming in and I said excuse me sir, and he said “Hold it right there.

He says “I’ve got something to tell you. You know you’re in this place to be healthy right?” I said yes, I am. He said “Well, I’ve got to tell you something.” and he pointed at the guy at the cash register, the owner, and he said “That guy gave me a book to read, and changed my life.”

That book was Wheat Belly. My weight started coming off, a pound a day, for almost a week — 6 pounds in a week — and then 20 pounds over 40 days. Oh, and what happened to my joint pain? I can sleep more at night. My sinuses are clear. I didn’t need to put nasal medicine or steroids in my sinuses anymore. My other ailments started going away.

You know I love to cook. I love to barbecue. I love slow-cooked meats — brisket ribs. And then there’s other things, like pizza that Dr. Davis tells you how to make. Haven’t even had to go without pizza. So I try post a lot of recipes, to help people

Health restoration starts in the kitchen; not in a drive-through. You know you’re not the only one in your household, but you might be the only one doing this. You know, doing this alone isn’t as hard as you might think. We have a great support system. It’s a private page on Facebook, the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox. I mean, so many people make it because of that page alone. You can go on there, ask questions. There’s other new people. There’s veterans. All your questions can be answered.

So now I’m on cruise control. I’m sticking with it the rest of my life. That’s for sure. And as many people that can come on, that I can help, I’m ready to do so.

My advice for people, when I meet them on the streets or family or friends: I tell them to investigate on their own, the way I did. I give them the directions: here’s the books, here’s some links. Look into it. Just do it. See how many medications you’re getting off of. See how much more activities you can do. Then make a decision. This isn’t a diet or fad. This is the way our bodies work, and this is what our bodies need.

Dr. Davis, thank you. I didn’t think I was going to outlive my dad. He made it to 84, but at the age of 48 I was a disaster, health-wise. That’s not the case anymore. 80 pounds later I can do anything I could could have done in my 30s. I plan on living a long life. I am setting a goal for at least 100 years old. So thank you for that opportunity.

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