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WBB: The Wheat Belly One-Way Street

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Posted: 9/16/2018 8:59:00 AM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2018-09-16
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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The Wheat Belly One-Way Street

illustration: person having queasy reaction to pizza

There’s a practical reality to the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle, one that I believe some followers of the lifestyle fail to recognize. Understand these simple facts that I’ve discussed in the Wheat Belly books and your life will be simplified.

By living the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle, you will find that:

You cannot consume grain-containing foods without becoming ill. Many of you have learned this lesson the hard way and found, for instance, that eating a handful of French fries fried in oil also used to prepare fried chicken will have you sitting on the toilet while your gastrointestinal tract forcefully evacuates its contents. We therefore choose grain-free foods such as eggs, beef, cucumbers, and blueberries, and recreate familiar foods such as grain-free pizza, cookies, and muffins.

You, as a grain-free human, have lost your partial (never total) tolerance to the toxic components of grains and cannot consume grains or foods contaminated by grain residues without suffering bloating, diarrhea, joint pain, anxiety, appetite stimulation, or other ill effects. In other words, re-exposure to the toxic components of grains yields undesirable health effects that can last anywhere from hours to months (as in reprovocation of autoimmune or neurological effects). At a social event, for instance, you cannot eat foods containing wheat flour, cornstarch, or other grain-based ingredients without having to make a run to the bathroom, nursing aching hands or knees for several days, or enduring re-provocation of rheumatoid joint pain and swelling for 3 months.

But grain-consuming people can consume your grain-free pizza, cookies, and muffins without becoming ill and find them tasty and filling.

People who continue to consume wheat and grains and suffer the long-term consequences—high blood sugars/type 2 diabetes, joint pain, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, skin rashes, plantar fasciitis, ulcerative colitis, migraine headaches, hormonal disruptions, etc.—can eat the foods you choose or prepare without ill effect. They can have a slice of your grain-free pizza, cookies, or muffins without any adverse consequences—no diarrhea, no gastrointestinal distress, no joint pain, no dark moods, no re-provocation of autoimmune diseases. They can just enjoy a delicious slice of grain-free pizza or cheesecake just like you.

Say you bring a plate of grain-free blueberry muffins to a gathering, while others have brought typical grain-filled hamburger buns, pasta salad, and sandwiches. You will have to eat your hamburger without a bun, can’t touch the pasta salad or sandwiches, but can enjoy your muffins. Everyone else can likewise eat your muffins without regrets and never know the difference.

It is a vivid illustration of the differences in food choices, a dietary one-way street: Other people can consume your grain-free foods while talking, laughing, and enjoying their time while you cannot eat their foods without some pretty awful health consequences.

In your own family, it means that you can prepare foods compatible with your lifestyle and serve it to your family. They may notice that the pizza crust (site, PCM) is not as crisp or tastes somewhat different, but they can still enjoy the pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. They can have a generous and delicious slice of grain-free chocolate cake and not worry about gaining weight or other adverse effects. They can safely enjoy heaping servings of your Mediterranean “Pasta” Salad made with olives, zucchini, and olive oil but no noodles.

In other words, you can prepare foods that are safe for you and safe for everyone else to consume. There is no need to prepare grain-free foods for yourself and grain-based foods for everyone else. Just make grain-free foods for everyone.

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