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IHB: Benefits of joining my Inner Circle

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Posted: 3/20/2023 8:34:00 AM
Edited: 3/20/2023 12:58:53 PM (1)

Sourced from: Dr. Davis Infinite Health Blog, authored by Dr. Davis, original posting date there: 2023-03-20
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Benefits of joining my Inner Circle

⎆non-member start here

If you are looking for a deeper dive into the of self-empowerment in health following the concepts I advocate, consider joining my Inner Circle.

You have likely recognized that doctors and healthcare have little to do with health, but have plenty to do with generating revenues through pharmaceuticals and procedures. That is NOT health. Genuine health is something you obtain through an informed diet, addressing important nutrient deficiencies, and addressing the all-important microbiome. “Move more, eat less” is an ineffective strategy for weight management, statin drugs do not equate with cardiovascular health, taking an anti-inflammatory drug does not improve joint health—yet genuine health in all these spheres is readily achievable.

But, because doctors and others in healthcare have abdicated their responsibility in providing a message of health, it helps to have support. That’s where my Inner Circle comes in. Our Inner Circle is bursting with resources to support your journey.

Among the resources you have access to through membership in my Inner Circle:

  • Virtual Meetups—We typically meet once per week for around two hours to discuss new ideas, new observations, difficulties, uncertainties, etc. all to ensure that your participation in the program provides maximum benefit. We begin some sessions with a presentation on a topic relevant to the program, other times we bring in interesting guests to speak. I believe that our Virtual Meetups are alone an invaluable feature. This is also a place where you can hear about the latest concepts, new ideas and practices that further empower your health.
  • Discussion Forum—There are several hundred thousand discussion strings on our Forum that has been active for around 15 years and is therefore loaded with searchable content.
  • Video Library—We have an extensive video library that includes the 3-Part Workshop on CT Heart Scans and Coronary Calcium Scores, Fungal Overgrowth and Anxiety, Can Arthritis Be Reversed? and many others.
  • Private Facebook page—For those of you who like the functionality and greater immediacy of Facebook, we have a private Facebook page open only to our members.
  • Dr. Davis’ Blog—Dr. Davis’ subscription blog content is mirrored on the site and is part of your Inner Circle subscription.
  • An extensive library of protocols and advanced topics to further support your journey.

And, of course, you haver access to the support of a like-minded community all—like you—seeking better answers to health than the sad and ineffective excuse for “health” provided by doctors and the healthcare system. Sign up to join our community here.

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Bob Niland

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Posted: 3/20/2023 1:11:29 PM
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