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Small LDL Screening

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Posted: 1/6/2023 3:08:40 PM
Edited: 1/11/2023 6:12:20 PM (2)
Hello dears!

I saw the special protocols video about coronary disease and one of the screenings Dr. Davis recommends is a CT heart scan and an advanced lipo-protein analysis. While I was searching the web if such screenings are available in my area I came across a blood test that seems to meassure small LDL particles for around 20 EUR (~= USD).

I attached the lab’s information about the test to this posting (original & Google translation). Do you think this test could be an alternative to the CT / NMR Dr. Davis was talking about in the video?

305_sdLDL - English translation.pdf

Thanks for sharing your thoughts & kind regards

Bob Niland

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Posted: 1/6/2023 4:33:01 PM
Edited: 1/6/2023 4:34:08 PM (1)
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