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Brief History of the Programs

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Bob Niland

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Posted: 1/27/2019 9:22:17 AM

Brief History of the Programs

Edition: 2022-06-28

Official History Resources

2017-07-04: The History of the Undoctored Program (members)
2017-07-04: The History of the Undoctored Program (public)

Publications & Sites Timeline

Here’s a rough time line, based on my collection of materials gathered for use in support of handling blog FAQs. This is just the interactive sites and assets that might be germane to the forum audience. There are other books, sites and events not listed. This timeline also omits the social media sites, as I am not a user of any of them, so have no insights.


Book: Track Your Plaque
This is still available on Amazon, but was to have been replaced by a 2nd edition in 2010 (below); no associated on-line content that I know of.


Book: What Does My Heart Scan Show?
Still available (Amazon); no associated on-line content that I know of.


Blog: Heart Scan Blog (HSB)
Interactive; was, now vanished: (,
Mostly preserved as Cureality Blog, parts also preserved on internet archives. A few HSB blog posts have been mirrored on the Inner Circle PCM. Here’s a prescient entry from 2006-04-20, mirrored on the IHIC PCM.


Site (2007…~2016): Track Your Plaque (aka TYP,
This was the original membership site. As with Cureality/Undoctored, and Undoctored/InfiniteHealth, TYP ran in parallel to the later Cureality for some years. URLs for it now redirect to Cureality. All the TYP content became Cr content.


Galley: Track Your Plaque, Second Edition
This was to have replaced the original book, but was belayed by Wheat Belly. PDFs for the content pages were made available to TYP members, and are still at this Cureality page.


Book: Wheat Belly
The original 2011 book may now be out of print, having been replaced by the Revised & Expanded edition in 2019.


Blog: Wheat Belly Blog (WBB)
(, now redirects to IH Blog (IHB), and went to a subscription model in 2017-07) The full back traffic is available to subscribers on the IHB. The back posts are being mirrored in the IC PCM.


Book: Wheat Belly Cookbook
As seen on Amazon.


Book: Wheat Belly 30-Minute (Or Less!) Cookbook
As seen on Amazon.


Book: Wheat Belly Total Health
As seen on Amazon.


Site (2014…): Cureality
stood up alongside TYP. It’s still running, but is deprecated, yet contains valuable content and features not yet migrated to UIC.

The Cureality forum is still running. It largely, but not completely, overlaps with the UIC forum. Things posted there appear in the front page scroll here, but when viewed on IC, may show up as forum "UnKnown", as the subfora don’t map 1:1. Such threads are being cross-mapped as they come to the attention of moderators. Note: the Inner Circle portals support Unicode. Cureality may not.

Blog (2014-2015): Cureality blog
Was interactive; incorporates preserved Heart Scan Blog. New content stopped in 2015. Comments closed.


Book: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox
As seen on Amazon.


Book: Wheat Belly Slim Guide
As seen on Amazon.

Book: Undoctored
As seen on Amazon.

Blog (2017-2021): Undoctored Blog (UdB:
{Was} interactive, comments now closed. Although all content is public, the posts are planned for mirroring in the IC PCM, to enable member commenting (and possible retirement of the blog).

Site (2017…): Undoctored Inner Circle (UIC)
This was the main membership/discussion site from 2017-2021. Use IHIC going forward, which is just a newer portal to the same database of assets.


Book: Wheat Belly Revised & Expanded (WBR&E)
As seen on Amazon.


Blog (2022…): Infinite Health Blog
Formerly the WBB, this is a separate subscription from IHIC (below), but the posts are all mirrored in near real-time in the IHIC PCM. This is now the sole blog for the program.

Site (2022…): Infinite Health Inner Circle
You are here (presumably). This is now the main subscription forum.

Book: Super Gut
As seen on Amazon.

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Just spotted this in a thread. Thanks as usual, Bob, for a thorough summary! (Another for MyLinks.)