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WBB: Healthcare professionals follow Wheat Belly

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Posted: 10/26/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-10-26
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Healthcare professionals follow Wheat Belly

assorted healthcare professionals

This is powerful. Because I have been hearing from/about more and more healthcare professionals either personally following or advocating the Wheat Belly lifestyle to their clientele, I asked the following question on the Official Wheat Belly Facebook page:

Are you a HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL following and/or advocating the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

The response was wonderful: eye-opening, encouraging, responses that help make me optimistic that there may indeed be hope for the awful healthcare system we have created hell-bent on growing revenues that sap personal finances and yields little in the way of genuine personal health. These healthcare professionals are the sorts of people that I worked with, shoulder-to-shoulder, side-by-side, through acute emergencies, bleeding patients, inserting tubes and IV’s, defibrillating stopped hearts, sometimes working around-the-clock—I truly want them to comprehend what it is we are doing (and NOT doing) in “healthcare.”

If health–genuine health, healing, and restoration of happy, painless, free functioning, free of disease–is restored by the renewed beliefs of these healthcare practitioners, they can individually spread the word to hundreds, even thousands, of people who will no longer be victimized by the campaign of nutritional misinformation that we’ve all heard a thousand times from “official” sources.

Among the responses:

“I’m a nurse practitioner and I’ve prescribed the Wheat Belly lifestyle often. I tell everyone who will listen.”

“I am a nurse and my husband a physician. We both are Wheat Belly followers. We practice it and preach it.”

“I’m a pharmacist and I definitely point people toward Wheat Belly and I tell them the differences it has made in my life (less inflammation, no more seasonal allergies, no more random headaches). Sadly, some people don’t want to take responsibility for their own health. They want to eat whatever they like and have the doctor order them a pill to compensate for the harm they are causing themselves.”

“I’m a nurse and am almost a certified integrative nutrition health coach. I teach a class at my cancer hospital and encourage patients to read Wheat Belly.”

“I am a sports therapist/lymphedema therapist who shares the Wheat Belly information with every client I see who’s issues match the Wheat induced symptoms. 3 years ago, a client told me about Wheat Belly and I have dropped 110 lbs.

“One client last year reduced 50% of body pain and dropped 15 lbs in 1 week on Wheat Belly. Her doctors put her through all the tests and could not figure out why she had phantom onset lymphedema. It works.”

“I have let it slip to patients that removing grains and sugar benefits with lower blood sugar and less insulin. I’ve had some very overweight diabetic patients who figured it out on their own. I have walked into rooms where the tray is untouched. I assumed they just didn’t like the food. When I asked why they didn’t eat, I heard ‘I can’t eat stuff like this. My blood sugar will go through the roof. Why would the hospital feed me like this? I would never eat that way at home.’ I have broken the rule of NO OUTSIDE FOOD IN THE ICU for those patients. One guy had his family bring roasted chicken and a salad instead of eating the pasta and breadsticks.

“I can’t look at what they’re eating. I get angry. Just have to keep giving that insulin.”

I am a Nurse Case Manager and I am always appalled at what patients are fed in the hospital.”

“When my dad was in the hospital, he was on the ‘heart healthy’ diet. What a joke! Fortunately for us, the hospital doesn’t bring a set menu or even set meal times. They bring a menu of approved foods and you pick what you want and order it when you want it, so I was able to make sure he didn’t get any grains.”

“I’m a nurse and recommend your book and the Wheat Belly lifestyle to almost anyone who will listen!”

“I am a certified health coach and have been following a grain- and wheat-free lifestyle close to 99% and have zero bloating, regardless of any other food that I eat now that I no longer eat wheat and grains!”

Dr. Jahnaya:
“I’m a DC [Doctor of Chiropractic] in Iowa and have all patients adhere to a Wheat Belly lifestyle. The results I see in practice are amazing!”

“I’m a physician and health coach, following the lifestyle and working with clients for them to do the same.”

“I am a masters prepared RN. I teach and include Wheat Belly nutrition in my lectures, have been completely grain-free for over six months.”

“I’m a registered nurse and advocate every moment I can. My family practitioner is very interested as he watches my journey. I still run across people that I have to introduce the Wheat Belly way of eating. I just assume everyone knows, so you’re right, our work is just beginning.”

“I’m a Medical Weight Loss Counselor. In less than 18 months, we have melted over 12,500 pounds off our community. One of our ‘secrets’:elimination of grains! We proudly promote Wheat Belly and our clients educating themselves. Thank you Dr. Davis, we will be doing our part in the movement.”

“I teach nursing students and, while I might let some info slip out, I have to make sure they KNOW that the exams still function with old ‘wisdom’ and so they have to understand that they need to pick ‘the wrong answer’ to get the exam questions correct.

“But personally, I let them know that if they ever want to talk health, fitness, and nutrition, to contact me outside of class. I have to ‘teach to the test’ at work because the exams are still based on the old conventional medical wisdom.”

“I’m a Dental Hygienist and I recommend Wheat Belly to every patient that I can. I tell them to read the book and I tell them the difference between gluten-free and grain-free.”

“As a physical therapist, I share this sound medical information and how it’s relieved my joint pain and help me to lose 60 pounds. I tell them the name of the book and author and leave it up to them to learn more.”

“I work for a government agency, so can’t outright recommend, but have recommended clients read it on many occasions.”

“Every single one of my patients get to hear all about the Wheat Belly lifestyle. They see me shrinking away and feeling great and want what I have. So I tell them (even if they don’t ask, I still tell them!). I just wish I could make a bigger impact on my patients. I won’t give up!”

“I am a counselor and I always spread the word about Wheat Belly. I tell all my patients about the dangers of grains. When they start eliminating grains from their diets, I can tell right away by the way they look. They also say they feel better and lighter. It makes all the difference.”

“I’m married to a retired MD and he is telling everyone about the book.”

“I’ve been formally gagged and disallowed from pointing people in the direction of this info where they can make their own conclusions if it is for them to try or not, even though those that did try it have made great improvements to their general health. Go figure!”

“I am an operating room nurse and thyroid cancer survivor. The link between autoimmune disease and wheat ingestion is alarming. Through my journey, I see so many effects of wheat consumption destroying people’s lives and their hope. I am limited in offering my opinion to my patients, but I freely give advice to anyone in my family or community who seems ready to listen. It has changed my life, and I wish I could get the word out faster.”

“I’m a nurse and definitely believe in this lifestyle. No skin rashes, no GERD! It has changed my life.”

“If I discuss it with a patient, I always stress that it is my PERSONAL opinion, that the ‘official’ hospital stance is ADA/AHA, and I encourage the patient to do their own research.”

“I am an RN and following Wheat Belly for one week. I’ve known for over a year that this was for me but, have just recently come to terms with myself. 5 pounds gone so far. Lots of bloating gone, lots of swelling gone. Cannot share at work. I work at a school. One of my coworkers knows. I’ll let the rest ask me when I’ve lost the weight, ‘How did you do that?’”

Admittedly, I have a cynical view of modern healthcare, this system that, to an extraordinary degree, has been created, expanded, and monetized to “treat” the consequences of consuming wheat and grains. I’ve been privy to far too many hospital staff meetings, business meetings, and locker room conversations with colleagues to believe that the notion of “healing” is on the top of the minds of many healthcare professionals. But the growing number of doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals who have come to recognize the astounding power of the Wheat Belly lifestyle to reverse a darned long list of chronic health conditions is SO uplifting and hopeful that . . . I may just change my mind.

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