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WBB: Dee freed of sleep apnea, restless legs, joint pains, and A. fib

Member Forum >> Premium Content Mirror >> WBB: Dee freed of sleep apnea, restless legs, joint pains, and A. fib


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Posted: 10/20/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-10-20
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Dee freed of sleep apnea, restless legs, joint pains, and A. fib

Dee’s progress

Dee provided photos and a detailed description of her Wheat Belly journey, an excellent example of how this lifestyle is not just a matter of cutting calories or carbs:

“My body betrayed me, at least that’s how I felt. I later learned that I’m the one who betrayed my body. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. Even if I could keep them at bay for 3-4 months, the cravings always won and I’d stay in my cycle of lose, gain back all that I lost plus more. The weight wasn’t the worst of it, though I’m certain it contributed to my misery.

“Sleep has always been elusive for me. Always known as a ‘light sleeper,’ I was easily awakened. I dealt with seasons of insomnia. I have to go through a wind-down cycle to even get to sleep and, if it’s interrupted, I have to go back to the beginning. Restless Leg Syndrome, RLS, was another enemy of sleep for me.

“Thirty years ago, I started experiencing seasonal allergies which only worsened over the years, especially after moving to Tennessee from the Midwest. Even worse though were the for-years-undiagnosed skin allergies. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that they were finally diagnosed, but all that could be offered in the way of relief was to stay away from the allergens! Oh, and the periodic use of steroids which only provided very short-term relief.

“I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees about 12 years ago and got to the point that I wanted to cry with each step I took. I refused to take any arthritis medications–-I seem to always experience even the ‘rare’ side-effects. The inflammation was out of control.

“Ten years ago brought the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) diagnosis which introduced a CPAP into my nightly routine. Finally, I was getting better sleep, but good sleep was still not consistent.
Already dealing with hypertension, five years ago I was diagnosed with A-Fib. Naturally I was put on three medications, one for the heart rhythm-–flecainide, one for blood viscosity-–warfarin, and a third that I can’t remember. I was finally able to convince my cardiologist that I no longer needed these meds so they were discontinued one-by-one over a period of several months.

“Finally came the low-level stomach pain that seemed ever-present. The homemade cinnamon rolls that were a breakfast treat would actually make me sick. Tired? You bet. I was tired of being tired all the time, even after what I considered a good night’s sleep. Headaches, a common occurrence in my life.

“When I learned that wheat was supposedly a contributor to RLS, I decided to go gluten-free. One night, about six weeks into my gluten-free life, I was unable to get to sleep due to the RLS, so I got up and went to my computer and started surfing the net. That’s when I looked for information on Wheat Belly–-someone had mentioned it on a health forum. I was inspired. That night I decided that Wheat Belly is what I need to do. I bought the book and took my time digesting the information, but I began the WB way of eating immediately, even before finishing the book.

• The first couple weeks were not fun-–I didn’t feel too good-–but I’d read that that isn’t uncommon, so I stuck with it. Here I am today, healthier and happier.
• The inflammation (my primary motivation) is virtually gone-–the arthritis in my knees is nowhere near as bad as I’d thought it was.
• My sleep has improved tremendously–-not even using my CPAP anymore.
• My skin allergies are completely cleared up. Only when the pollen count is extremely high do I even notice seasonal allergies.
• In September, my cardiologist told me that I no longer have A-Fib.
• I’ve lost 40 pounds. It’s coming off slowly enough that my 63-year-old skin is able to keep up.
• Cravings are no longer a physical thing, so when my mind says, ‘A chocolate shake sure would taste good,’ I can easily say, ‘No thank you!’ Growing up as a rural Midwest girl, I love fatty steaks, pork, and chicken, so it’s wonderful to now be able to eat it guilt-free!

“Thank you, Dr. Davis, for educating me, for getting the truth out there for me to find.”

Isn’t that stupendous? Being freed of sleep apnea alone is a huge accomplishment, as this condition increases risk for sudden cardiac death and heart disease. Disrupted sleep, nsomnia, hypertension, fatigue, allergies, atrial fibrillation, abdominal pain–Dee experienced relief from an impressively long list of health conditions. And it sounds like she has consulted with several doctors over the years and, while they were ready and willing to prescribe toxic prescription drugs and devices like the CPAP, not a single one looked for the single, unifying cause of the entire health mess.

Do you see what I mean when I say that “healthcare is the system largely created to treat the consequences of wheat and grain consumption”? Dee actually had only one real diagnosis: disrupted hormonal, physiological, mental, metabolic, and gastrointestinal disruption from consuming wheat and grains, just manifesting in a variety of ways, each of which earned her drugs and procedures, but reversed with removal of the real cause Learn from wonderful examples like Dee: don’t let this happen to you and become revenue sources for the misguided efforts of healthcare.

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