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WBB: A stunning example of the Wheat Belly anti-aging effect

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Posted: 10/18/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-10-18
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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A stunning example of the Wheat Belly anti-aging effect

Mary before and after

Look at what the Wheat Belly lifestyle did for Mary:

“I believe. I have only been at this a few short months but have seen a dramatic change already in both the way I look and the way that I feel. Arthritis–gone. Aches and pains–gone. Thinning hair–coming back. Insomnia–gone. Looking and feeling better–priceless!”

Better than plastic surgery, better than hormone injections, the Wheat Belly lifestyle can often turn the clock back on skin aging dramatically. Had Mary presented these photos as mother and daughter, I would have believed it without question . . . but they’re not. They represent Mary’s dramatic transformation in skin health and appearance with 2 months of wheat/grain elimination. Yes, there is different lighting and clarity on the photos (the dilemma we face with selfies), but look at Mary’s eyes and the skin surrounding the eyes: just as we see so often, less around-the-eye swelling, larger eyes. Mary may have changed her hair color, but that would not have increased hair growth. And she experienced relief from joint pains, as well, a marker for reduced inflammation. Recall that inflammation is a major driver of aging and Mary has diminished the level of inflammation in her body. And it looks as if her skin texture has undergone a substantial change, as well.

Before you invest thousands of dollars in botox and fillers, before you subscribe to years of hormone injections, before you simply submit to the ravages of aging, try wheat and grain elimination, elimination of the “foods” that never should have been regarded as food in the first place. Grains are the seeds of grasses that contain numerous health-disrupting components. You can justify the consumption of the seeds of grasses if were starving and there was nothing better to eat. But, in a world of plenty, why would you consume the food of desperation, foods that accelerate the effects of aging and provoke hundreds of chronic human diseases?

Mary weighs in after comments started pouring in:

“Lots of folks are commenting that I look younger because I had colored my hair. I didn’t. It was just the lighting inside my dark car that made it look more blonde, I think. That was just a snap with my cell phone–no touching up.

“Others have commented that it is a difference in makeup. I don’t wear makeup, other than mascara (which I also had on in the first picture–you just can’t see it for my puffy eyes) and a little clear lip gloss to keep my lips from drying out. Absolutely nothing on my face to change my skin tone. I’m kind of an earth mother, herbal momma, all natural type and I don’t do any of that stuff. With me–what you see is what you get. My skin looks better because I’m healthier.

“Also, I wasn’t squinting into the sun in the first photo. My face was just that puffy that it made me look like I was squinting. Trust me, folks: this is all Wheat Belly and no tricks.

“The photo below was taken at one month on Wheat Belly. I am only including it because you can see that I haven’t colored my hair. It’s still as gray as ever–but a lot healthier and shinier and getting more life back.

Mary at one month

“I put my scale away at about the one month mark and it has made a world of difference. Once I stopped obsessing about every little tenth of a pound, I found that I was more relaxed and that I look and feel better. I did pull it out the other day just because curiosity got the best of me and I have lost 22 pounds since the end of July when that first photo was taken. I have shoved the scale back into the closet for at least another month. Maybe I will pull it out at Christmas. That will be about the five month mark.”

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