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WBB: Hunger is no longer in charge of Sheri

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Posted: 10/2/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-10-02
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Hunger is no longer in charge of Sheri

Sheri before & after

Sheri shared her before and after photos and experience living the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

“I have a couple of pictures of myself after 2½ months of Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly diet. I’ve lost 31 pounds and 3½ inches off my waist. I have been diagnosed pre-diabetic and my blood sugar is much lower now. I am happier, too.

“One of the biggest changes I feel is lack of hunger. I used to have such a voracious appetite and it seemed as though I just couldn’t resist sweets. That is all changed now. My appetite is gone and I don’t eat any sweets at all anymore. It’s almost like I have been set free from a prison of food.”

Sheri’s observation is one we hear a lot around here: minus wheat and grains, appetite drops dramatically. The incessant hunger and search for food of the grain-eater is gone. The rolling, rumbling, desperate hunger that occurs within two hours of the last meal is replaced by a soft reminder that you might need to eat something, typically many hours after your last meal. This is why many Wheat Belly followers often eat only one or two meals per day, or forget to eat lunch or dinner (something I’ve done countless times), and can fast for extended periods effortlessly.

This also explains why, despite favoring higher quality, non-commodity, non-government subsidized, even organic foods that are more costly, most people do not experience an increase in their grocery bill because we eat less, typically 400 to 800 fewer calories per day per person. Think of it: if a family of 5 experiences a reduction in calorie intake of 400 calories per day per person, that’s 2000 fewer calories to buy every day, nearly matching the daily intake of one person. Over a month’s time, that adds up to 60,000 fewer calories–a huge reduction. Better food, but at little to no increased cost. Some people actually experience a cost savings living this lifestyle because of this. (But don’t confuse this with purposeful calorie restriction, a very destructive and unpleasant process advocated in many diet programs. You will never hear me say “cut your calories”–I say eat all you want . . . but it will still be far less than it used to be.)

Speaking of cost savings, think how much Sheri will save when she no longer needs any drugs to treat pre-diabetes or diabetes and is no longer exposed to the health complications that can accompany both conditions.

You now also understand why I believe that Big Food came to understand the powerful appetite-stimulating properties of wheat, in particular, during the late 1980s that sparked an incredible change in processed food ingredients: nearly every processed food on the shelf contains wheat in some form, something that was not true just a few years earlier. It meant that wheat was put in breakfast foods, lunch foods, dinner foods, and snacks, all adding up to substantial stimulation of appetite all day long, making a nice person like Sheri an unwitting, helpless, and endlessly hungry victim. Compound this with the advice to cut fat and eat more “healthy whole grains” and you can appreciate that the nationwide crisis of obesity, overweight, and diabetes was no accident and is not the product of sloth and gluttony.

Understand these basic facts and you, like Sheri, can be liberated from the manipulations of Big Food, freed from the unnatural hunger that makes you sit in front of the refrigerator at 3 am, and return to a life of eating for sustenance and enjoying it.

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