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WBB: Lose inflammation, look younger

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Posted: 9/27/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-09-27
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Lose inflammation, look younger

Lisa’s progression

We’ve lately been discussing how the Wheat Belly lifestyle slows the phenomena underlying the aging process and yields reversals in appearance that help people look younger, sometimes dramatically so. Lisa shared her Wheat Belly anti-aging photos and experience:

Left photo: “Beginning my Wheat Belly journey. Size 20. Bloated, unhealthy and very sick.”

Middle photo: “Sept, 2014. Size 10.”

Right photo: “Sept, 2015. Size 6 and I will be 47 yrs old in 2 weeks.”

“I look as if I were years younger as the weight and inflammation fell away. I am so happy living this lifestyle and hopefully this will inspire some of you to at least try this. My GI issues gone, eyes 20/20 again, allergies gone, skin soft and beautiful, eyes brighter, new clothes/shoes, and had all my sunglasses adjusted for my now smaller head. My feet are 1.5 sizes smaller.

“I am amazed every single day and so very thankful to be able to sit down to a meal with no worries whatsoever about pain, bloat, and not being able to walk for some mysterious reason that the doctors could not explain. My problem was severe IBS, food allergies, female issues, and drug intolerance. Within 6 months of starting grain-free living, I was prescription-free. I use coconut on my skin every day, all over, even my face. I exfoliate with baking soda and coconut oil, as well as brush my teeth with it. I eat it and use in my hair, too. 90 + lbs later and you could never tell it by my skin.

One of the hallmarks of living the Wheat Belly lifestyle is the reversal of body-wide inflammation and inflammation-induced water retention. Yes, Lisa did lose a substantial amount of fat, but she also lost inflammation/edema that is clearly visible on her face and skin, evidenced further by relief from gastrointestinal struggles, and even reduced inflammation/swelling in her feet. You’ve all read headlines over the last several years about the research that has uncovered inflammatory pathways underlying widely disparate health conditions, from diabetes, to coronary heart disease, to cancer, to dementia. Had Lisa been tracking blood measures of inflammation, such as c-reactive protein, she would have also watched such values plummet . . . because inflammation strikes a dramatic retreat on the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

You think cutting calories or reducing portion size achieves the same sorts of age-reversing effects? Fat chance.

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