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WBB: Don’t let your doctor or dietitian CAUSE diabetes

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Posted: 9/22/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-09-22
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Don’t let your doctor or dietitian CAUSE diabetes

Hippocrates: First Do No Harm

I’m sometimes accused of exaggeration when I say that conventional dietary advice to cut fat and increase consumption of “healthy whole grains” causes type 2 (as well as much type 1) diabetes. But I can say with complete confidence that any food that 1) raises blood sugar and insulin to high levels every time you consume it, 2) plays a dominant role in diet, 3) provokes inflammation via multiple mechanisms, 4) can trigger immune destruction of pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin, and 5) acts as an appetite-stimulant (via gliadin protein-derived opiate peptides and blockade of the leptin hormone) all adds up to an astoundingly powerful way to cause diabetes.

Rhonda recently had such a dangerous encounter with her doctor and a dietitian that caused this NON-diabetic woman to become diabetic:

“December, 2014 I was diagnosed with a liver issue and, as a result, they tested for diabetes as well. No diabetes: YAY!

“But wanting to improve my health and my liver, I asked to be sent to a dietitian. She told me I needed to eat carbs with every meal and every snack. That was not what I was used to, but I followed her advice . . . and started getting sicker. Joint pain and brain fog were becoming normal. I started feeling like I was hit by a truck most mornings.

“Then I started getting so awfully thirsty. It was the beginning of May, less than 4 months since starting the diabetes diet, and I knew I had become diabetic. I went to my doctor and demanded a diabetes test again. He was shocked at my numbers. I was so high! He started me on metformin and sent me back to the dietitian. She said I was still not eating enough carbs. I was shocked!

“I was searching the internet when I came across your website. I decided to give it a shot. I am happy to report that, since dropping all grains, my health has improved immensely. I have lost about 35 pounds so far. I have halved my metformin and dropped my arthritis meds. I feel so much better. As far as I am concerned, the Canadian Diabetes Foundation gave me the gift of diabetes with their uninformed food guide spiking my sugars. I feel duped. I will not let them win. Grain free is the only way! Thank you, Dr. Davis, I think you saved my life.”

So let’s get this straight: Rhonda goes to the doctor for health information. The doctor and the dietitian then proceed to give her dietary advice that caused joint pain/inflammation, brain “fog,” fatigue, and type 2 diabetes. Yes, many of the people we’ve entrusted with providing confident health advice actually cause disease. Rhonda was indeed “duped,” paying for health advice that was less than worthless, a swindle even if it was out of ignorance from the doctor and dietitian.

Thankfully, Rhonda figured things out quickly, soon enough to reverse the damage, following a process that is easy, quick, and logical. Not everyone is this lucky. Some people, for instance, even with non-immune type 2 diabetes, do damage to their pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin (via the processes of glycation and lipoxidation) and, at some point, become irreversibly diabetic and become reliant on oral diabetes drugs and insulin for the remainder of their lives. They will also be exposed to all the adverse complications of long-standing diabetes, such as blindness, neuropathy, kidney disease, amputations, heart disease, and increased potential for cancer and dementia.

Type 2 diabetes is most definitely not just a matter of high blood sugars. It can involve a world of bad that can resign you to a life of drugs and injections, hospitalizations, horrible complications, huge costs–and, yes, often caused or worsened by the doctor and dietitian if they subscribe to conventional dietary advice, including that from the “official” diabetes organizations.

Bleeding you with leeches is not a cure for pneumonia, and cutting fat and eating plenty of “healthy whole grains” is not a means of preventing diabetes–whether or not your doctor and dietitian are silly enough to have bought into this awful advice. Hippocrates would turn over in his grave if he saw what they manage to do, day in, day out, under the guise of “healthcare.”

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