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WBB: Skin rashes, vomiting, and seizures: Wheat Belly followers share their re-exposure experiences

Member Forum >> Premium Content Mirror >> WBB: Skin rashes, vomiting, and seizures: Wheat Belly followers share their re-exposure experiences


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Posted: 9/19/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-09-19
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Skin rashes, vomiting, and seizures: Wheat Belly followers share their re-exposure experiences

Re-exposure graphic

When you have eliminated wheat and grains from your life, odd things happen when you get re-exposed. First of all, you’ve lost the partial–partial, never total–tolerance to some of the adverse effects of wheat and grains, and they come back with a vengeance upon re-exposure. And it’s not just due to the “gluten.” Those of you hanging around here understand that there is far more to wheat and grains than gluten, such as reactions to the bowel toxicity of wheat germ agglutinin, or the mind “fog” of gliadin-derived opiate peptides, or allergic reactions to alpha amylase inhibitors. And the reactions can be really strange, sometimes even dangerous or life-threatening.

The reactions are as varied as the people who have them. To illustrate, I recently asked the Wheat Belly Facebook audience to share their wheat/grain re-exposure experiences. You will appreciate that there is nothing “indulgent” about a re-exposure, no more than a facial rash, joint pain, or diarrhea are causes for celebration. Stop eating cucumbers for a year, then have a cucumber salad: nothing happens with re-exposure. Banish eggs from your diet, then have an omelet: nothing happens. But try this with wheat and grains, and all hell can break loose.

Read the comments and it quickly becomes clear that wheat/grain re-exposure is a really, really bad idea. Here are some of the responses that flooded in within hours:

“The day after I’ve had wheat/gluten I feel like a have a hangover and I keep on craving sugar! I also feel depressed. My skin becomes really itchy, with small little white bumps. I hate wheat!”

Kat Lyn:
“I had a cardiac ablation done in March for SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia) and had horrible episodes of skipped beats after the surgery. I began to realize that it was only after ingesting wheat/gluten that they would occur! If I have accidental wheat ingestion, you can bet I will get a racing heart.”

“Wheat makes me feel like someone has pulled out my battery. Instantly want to go to sleep! My belly blows up and hurts like hell.”

“I accidentally ate a soup at a restaurant that had a trace amount of flour, and I got a really bad rash on my upper chest and one of the worst stomachaches I have ever had. This is after having been grain-free for over a year. It is so shocking how once your body has cleaned itself up, the smallest exposure can wreck havoc!”

“‘Cheated’ while on vacation after 3 months wheat-free. I get so many reactions: stuffed up sinus, watery eyes, sneezing attacks, joint pain, trouble pooping for a few days, and an itchy rash all over my face! Then, the opiate reaction…want more and more. Have to start all over.”

“Bloating (wheat baby) and I break out in hives.”

“Muscle spasms, can only liken it to those exercise electronic pad things and only happens when I’ve been caught out buying pre packaged food and not realised the wheat content.”

“Not sure if its ‘unusual’ but I vomit- this happened after accidental exposure. Couldn’t figure out what was going on until I re-traced what I ate.”

“Two years ago I blew it on vacation. Start to feel like I had the flu. After a few days I had horrible diarrhea. Gut got leaky, virus invaded my pericardium, diagnosed with pericarditis. From leaky gut. From eating wheat. I assure you I’ve never made that mistake again.”

“My eczema comes back, on my face this time. I will never go back to wheat again.”

“I ate ½ piece of my grandson’s chocolate cake the other day. I belched wheat\cocoa for 8 hours!”

“I break out if I even touch it.”

“Seizures. Anyone else?”

Gretel (in response to Shelly’s question above):
“Merle Diamond of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago was my doctor. She couldn’t figure my migraines, seizures and ataxia out. I was on seizure drugs and it did NOTHING. Then i lost 20 pounds on my 120 lb frame over the course of 2 weeks from vomiting and digestive problems. Hospitalized again. Turns out I’m celiac. 2 weeks gluten-free and I was seizure-free. Now I only get ataxic when near wheat.”

“Pain, pain, more pain, especially with the GERD [gastroesophageal reflux disease] coming back. We been wheated . . .nausea and sick.”

“Horrible costochrondritis flare ups.”

“Caved in on an incredible cheese burger for lunch. Followed by severe back pain, joint pains in hips, knees, and ankles. Pain meds required.”

“I was wheat-free for 3 weeks and had to take some food sensitivity tests. They said it would be better if I have wheat and gluten in my system and I should incorporate some into my diet before I test. So on the way to the beach I ate a wrap with turkey, bacon and cheese. 2 hours later I was doubled over with pain and cramps. Dizzy, headache and gross!”

“Much shorter fuse, more prone to get upset, impatient.”

“Bad bloating, gas and acid reflux.”

“I tend to go completely mental/emotional. Sinus congestion, constant sneezing, TERRIBLE earache and itchy.”

“Really puffy eyelids, bloodshot eyes, creaky joints, feeling bruised all over, lethargic, low mood.”

“I wake up with a dry flaky rash on my eyelids the next day and look about 10 years older. Plus the usual heartburn, cramping, gas, diarrhea, bloating, low energy and sugar/wheat cravings!”

“I just lay in bed all day sad and exhausted for days after accidental exposure. I get acne all over my face and get headaches and insomnia, reflux and joint pain.”

“I get what can only be described as psychosis initially, then the next day I’m depressed and super foggy.”

“Bloating, migraine, stomach and foot/knee pain.”

“Heartburn, bloating, cramps and the feeling of a need to puke! And then stiff knuckles and joint pain in the following days!”

“I can’t cheat. I get chronic urticaria and break out from head to toes. My last out break lasted 35 days. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t or wouldn’t leave the house. The doctors had me on 3-4 different meds saying it wasn’t anything I was eating. My chiropractor is the one who has helped me the most with this situation.”

“Headache, tummy pain, pimples, low mood. It’s awful.”

“Sneezy! I get the bloat but my nose runs like a faucet and I get bad depression, irritability and suicidal thoughts.”

“The pain in my low back right side, which I always thought was from wear and tear injuries, goes away when I am grain free and comes back when I have some exposure to grains.”

“I get these burps that smell horrible and also get diarrhea, headaches and stomach pain or cramping.”

“Within 15 mins of exposure, stomach cramps … I mean STOMACH CRAMPS and then diarrhea. (Like 24hr flu). It has happened accidentally three times. I pray, never again.”

“Felt like a gallbladder attack like I use to get before they took it out. Makes me wonder if it was ever my gallbladder after all!”

“Water retention, weak hands and feet, and a small psoriasis break out on my head and nose. It’s like clock work. Then I have to look back and figure out where I was contaminated. There is always a source.”

“Sleepiness, heart palpitations, gas, bloat, nausea and belly felt like I ate bricks.”

“Violent vomiting, esophageal spasms and stomach pain.”

“My stomach doubles in size from excessive gas and, more oddly, I get acne down the center of my chest. While my adult acne has completely cleared up since eliminating wheat, re-exposure to wheat now produces the tell tale acne down the center of my chest. Never had acne there before either so it’s quite odd.”

“Out of my regular ‘safe soap,’ used some French milled. Later found out it had many wheat ingredients. Sooooo extremely tired and joints aching.”

“Pain that lasts for days. Felt like Mohammed Ali had used me as his boxing bag. So sore.”

“Bladder irritation along with burning and spasms. When tested at urologist, no bacteria … every time.”

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