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WBB: Wheat Belly Survey Update: It’s Better Than We Thought!

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Posted: 8/26/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-08-26
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Wheat Belly Survey Update: It’s Better Than We Thought!

chalkboard reporting 86% suvey result

I recently reported the crude numbers from the Wheat Belly Survey that revealed some impressive results. Of the 4200 responses received–thank you!–1200 came from people who had not started the Wheat Belly lifestyle yet. (Most newcomers also did not provide full data.) Having so many newcomers therefore skewed the results a bit.

If those 1200 newcomers are excluded, then another round of analyses of the remaining 3000 people demonstrate:

  • 70.0% reported increased energy
  • 51.3% reported improved sleep
  • 48.8% reported partial or total relief from chronic headaches
  • 63.4% reported partial or total relief from mind “fog” and/or improved ability to concentrate
  • 32.0% reported relief from chronic nausea
  • 30% reported partial relief from joint pain, while 31.6% reported total relief from joint pain
  • 26.74% reported partial relief from gastrointestinal struggles, while 47.2% reported total relief from gastrointestinal struggles
  • 86.8% reported partial to total relief from acid reflux/heartburn/esophagitis
  • 86.1% reported partial to total relief from irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
  • 81.3% reported partial to total relief from chronic constipation
  • 72% reported improved mood
  • 74.1% lost weight, while 22.61% experienced no change in weight. (The amount lost on average will be reported in future.)
  • 72.0% experienced a reduction in waist size, while 25.5% reported no change (The inches lost on average also to be reported in future.)
  • 40.4% reported a reduction in systolic/diastolic blood pressure
  • 54.8% reported improved skin health/reduced redness/reduced rash
  • 32.7% were able to reduce number of prescription medications

The amount of time living the Wheat Belly lifestyle ranged from as short as 10 days to several years. There were also some fascinating and insightful comments shared, as well, that I shall share with the Wheat Belly audience in future (if permission was provided to do so).

Just look at some of those numbers: 86.8% of people obtaining relief from acid reflux, 86.1% obtaining relief from irritable bowel syndrome–astounding! Bear in mind that most of the conditions covered in this survey are typically regarded as causes for prescription medication to “treat,” yet it is clear that many such conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, are synonymous with wheat/grain consumption, reduced or reversed entirely in the majority with wheat/grain elimination.

Looking at such impressive percentages of people who feel better in so many ways, you can appreciate how disastrous the advice to “eat more healthy whole grains” has been. It also explains why it’s so darned easy to receive and share so many success stories on the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

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