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WBB: Chrissy fell off the Wheat Belly wagon . . . then returned

Member Forum >> Premium Content Mirror >> WBB: Chrissy fell off the Wheat Belly wagon . . . then returned


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Posted: 7/19/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-07-19
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Chrissy fell off the Wheat Belly wagon . . . then returned

Chrissy’s waistline progression

Chrissy shared this update on her Wheat Belly lifestyle. You may remember her, as she shared her early Wheat Belly experience from 2014:

Chrissy before & after in 2014

I went grain-free in February of 2014 after seeing the picture of myself on the left. Although I was not extremely overweight, I was swollen, soft, and just downright unhappy. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2008, gestational diabetes in 2009 when pregnant with my son, and type 2 diabetes in 2011. I never knew how much ‘healthy grains’ were contributing to the demise of my health. I’ve been grain free for 11 months and have lost 20 pounds. I have since come off of all thyroid medication and my fasting blood sugars are a steady 70!

Unfortunately, Chrissy drifted off the Wheat Belly lifestyle before recognizing how important it was to stay on course:

“At the beginning of this year I became complacent and started allowing certain things back into my diet that had affected my healthy lifestyle. Slowly but surely I became sick and I was told I needed to go back on thyroid medication. I refused and have been strict as ever and have had amazing results. By adopting a grain-free and wheat-free lifestyle, I have had amazing results in just six weeks along with exercise.

Chrissy’s waistline progression

“The first picture is my 10 month result from last year by being wheat- and grain-free. The other pictures represents the 5 phases of my journey. The second picture was my results from the end of last year. The third picture shows the beginning of this year and slipping off the bandwagon. The fourth picture was my 3 week strict, wheat-free and fitness results. The fifth picture is my six week progress picture from today being wheat- and grain-free with a fitness routine.

“I now know, and have always known, how important it is to eliminate grains and wheat. All of the ailments I had before came back with a vengeance. Muscle and joint pain, fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, bloating, thyroid issues and higher fasting blood glucose. This is not just a choice for me anymore but a necessity! Thank you again for your work and dedication to making us aware that wheat and grains are the culprits for the demise of our health.”

We can show Chrissy’s tummy size, but we can’t show the diabetes reversing, or the gastrointestinal bloating and inflammation receding. Once reversed with wheat and grain elimination, it can all come back quite readily by going off the program. Stay on the program and the weight loss is maintained, health benefits grow. Drift off and weight goes up and health benefits all reverse. No one builds up an immunity to the destructive health effects of wheat and grains.

Learn from Chrissy’s instructive experience and, once wheat/grain-free, always stay wheat/grain-free.

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