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WBB: Paula’s astounding health- and age-reversing Wheat Belly trip

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Posted: 7/16/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-07-16
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Paula’s astounding health- and age-reversing Wheat Belly trip

Paula before & after

Paula shared her 9-month Wheat Belly results:

First photo taken Nov, 2014. Second taken mid-July 2015. I was shocked just how puffy and pasty my face wqs in the first photo. Finally, without effort, my body is returning to its natural state eating the Wheat Belly way.

As a young person, I always had a lean athletic build but, as the years rolled on, my weight crept on even eating what was considered a ‘clean healthy diet.’ At last, I am more energised and my health is as good as it was 20 years ago. Heading towards middle age with a positive outlook, as I certainly feel this has turned back the clock on my health in a way no amount of traditional healthy eating was going to do, had I stuck to the so-called ‘healthy food’ pyramid recommended here in Australia.

Waving goodbye to wheat, grains and sugar has been a game-changer. High-fat, low-carb eating is my friend and the list of improvements to my health are long. I started this with the focus being health–losing weight has been a pleasant consequence. I don’t own scales, but figure the photos are self explanatory. I just love eating this way, will never go back and, yes, I have been caught out by re-exposure to wheat and it wasn’t good.

Thank you, Dr. Davis, for challenging current thinking within your profession and presenting current science in a healthful way.

As often happens on the Wheat Belly Facebook page, you see these “before” and “after” Wheat Belly transformations and you have to ask, “Gee, is this the same person?” Did the person get her Mom to stand in for the before, then shoot herself as the after? Or do I spend my day looking for people who have similar features, but one is bloated and overweight, while the other is slender and youthful?

Get a grip. These testimonials and photos pour in with a rapidity that is astounding. I don’t personally have the time–nor the interest–in trumping up these discussions with false stories. This is real. I’ve experienced it myself, watched the health of members of my family change in front of my eyes, and have now observed or assisted in the health transformations of thousands and thousands of people.

Paula does not just look healthier and younger: She IS healthier and younger. And to further demonstrate just how dramatic such reversals can be, Paula shared a photograph of herself at age 21:

Paula 20 years ago

I’d say that Paula transformed at age 46 barely looks much older than her 21. Isn’t that spectacular?

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