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WBB: Robin’s breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

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Posted: 5/11/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-05-11
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

Robin’s breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

Robin before & after

Robin shared her photos before and after engaging in the Wheat Belly lifestyle.

“Thank you, Dr. Davis, for saving my life. While I had no known health issues related to obesity, I do know I was living on borrowed time. Here I am before starting Wheat Belly and just 5 months (40 pounds) later.”

Pretty darned astounding change, eh? And accomplished without cutting or counting calories, without portion control, without using smaller plates, without extreme exercise, without long periods of hunger–just no wheat, no grains, and eating real, single ingredient foods ad lib.

Even though Robin experienced “only” a substantial weight loss success, had we monitored her underlying metabolic changes, we would have observed:

  • Reduction in inflammation–via c-reactive protein and other markers. C-reactive protein typically drops to zero (despite the widely held belief that higher c-reactive protein is a mandate for statin drugs). This is evidenced on the face as loss of facial redness and swelling, including the “signature” puffy eyes of wheat/grain consumption.
  • Rise in HDL, drop in triglycerides, reduction/elimination of small LDL particles–all translating into reduced cardiovascular risk
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Reduced insulin and blood sugar
  • Drop in estrogen–due to reduced aromatase enzyme activity in visceral fat
  • Drop in prolactin–This is part of the endocrine disruption of grains that leads to breast enlargement (in both females and males).
  • Shifts in oral and bowel flora composition
  • Improved digestive ability–due to removing the disruptive effects of gliadin and wheat germ agglutinin and their effects on the intestinal lining, bile acid release, and pancreatic enzyme release
  • Reduced fat deposition in the liver–that parallels the drop in blood levels of triglycerides

In other words, even if no difference is perceived beyond weight loss, there are substantial changes going on under the surface that accompany the wonderful health benefits of wheat/grain elimination.

Ain’t wheat/grain-free life grand?

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