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WBB: Holly’s life was changed through the Wheat Belly lifestyle

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Posted: 2/7/2015 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2015-02-07
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Holly’s life was changed through the Wheat Belly lifestyle

Holly before and after

Holly shared this update on her ongoing Wheat Belly lifestyle experience.

“Started September, 2013 and still going strong. The increased self esteem may very well be my favorite part!”

By eliminating wheat and grains from her life, Holly has taken back control over health and weight. Not only has she lost a dramatic quantity of weight, she has regained control over health-destroying factors such as inflammation, autoimmunity, joint destruction, gastrointestinal disruption, and mind and emotional effects. Remove wheat and grains and the natural state of human health is restored, since wheat and grains should never have been part of the human dietary experience in the first place.

This is what I love most about the Wheat Belly lifestyle: it returns control over health and weight back to you. It means you are no longer reliant on the mismanagement and blundering of the medical system, prescription drugs, hospital procedures–you are healthier, naturally.

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