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WBB: An update from Wheat-Free Market foods

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Posted: 12/18/2014 12:00:00 PM

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2014-12-18
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
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Note: when mirrored in 2022, the WFMF product line consisted only of the Virtue sweetener.

An update from Wheat-Free Market foods

bowl of WFMF Slow Toasted Flakes Cereal

Wheat-Free Market foods creates foods that fit the Wheat Belly concepts, with all ingredients that I personally approve. The past year has been a busy one with the introduction of some new products, including the Slow Toasted Flakes Cereal, a real hit.

So I asked Wheat-Free Market (WFM) foods’ CEO, Gary Miller, about latest developments there.

Q: So what’s new at WFM?
GM: Well, a lot is happening! As you know, we have started getting into a few independent health food and grocery stores. We want to expand our store presence, so we are working on scaling up to sell into the grocery market. Given the success of web-based efforts, we decided it is now time to go to the next level.

Q: Any new products in the works?
GM: We are working on a brownie mix at the moment. We also have crackers on the burner until we can scale up production. They are really delicious. Also, we have a number of bread products and other ready-to-eat products that are great, but they just do not ship well. Once we get into the grocery distribution channel, we’ll be able to roll these out. I think that will be a real game changer for us as a company.

Q: How would you characterize the past year at WFM?
GM: The last year really cemented the fact that we are a growing concern and have lots of potential. Roughly half of all orders are from repeat customers, and that makes me realize we are fulfilling our mission of helping people stay on this lifestyle.

Q: Obviously, the Wheat Belly message and WFM foods are not based around the gluten-free concept, but it will be important to be part of the gluten-free food world so that they are assuredly safe for people with celiac disease and perhaps other gluten-sensitive conditions. What are your plans with regards to gluten-free products?
GM: Right now we are in shared facilities, so even with great care we are reluctant to fully-certify GF at the moment. After our expansion, we will look to certify all of our products gluten-free.

Q: I share many of the recipes you are creating at WFM using your products on my Facebook page. You could almost put a cookbook together. Any plans to do so?
GM: We want to help people use our products and show them how versatile they are. We’ve got a number of recipes put together that we regularly post on our Facebook page, enough so that we are going to compile them on our website or make them available as a download, or something like that.

Q: Any news on selling WFM products in Canada? I get lots of questions about that.
GM: We are still trying to find a good solution. The logistics are frustrating. For example, a $50 order to ship to Buffalo, NY may cost $6 or $7 in postage, but to go across the river to Toronto would cost about $33. That’s not a proposition we want our customers to face. As it is, our products are already more costly than their wheat counterparts, given the ingredients we use. I think once we move to Canadian-compliant labelling, we can ship bulk into Canada and then fulfill orders from within Canada. But even that is a sizeable project.

Q: What’s the best part of what you are doing?
GM: Well, it is really satisfying when we get an email from someone thanking us for what we are doing because our products provide the necessary convenience to make the lifestyle easier. Running an early-stage company has non-stop challenges, and it is so rewarding when you get that occasional tap on the shoulder with a “hey, you’re doing good!” If people continue to support us with our online business it will really help us get to the level where people can get our products at their local store versus from a mail box.

Wheat-Free Market food products can be ordered from their website here:

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