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WBB: A physician declares a wheat-free success–from Cyprus!

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Posted: 7/22/2013 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 12:33:41 PM (1)

Originally posted by Dr. Davis on 2013-07-22
on the Wheat Belly Blog, sourced from and currently found at: Infinite Health Blog.
PCM forum Index of WB Blog articles.

A physician declares a wheat-free success–from Cyprus!

A physician from the island of Cyprus posted these telling comments:

I am wheat and gluten free since the end of January, 2013. I suffer from type II diabetes, which was controlled with difficulty and I could not lose weight. I had acid reflux issues day & night, I was snoring every night, I could not sleep on my tummy, I had pain in several joints and I was suffering from diarrhea almost on a daily basis with tummy aches. (Gastroenterologists thought it was stress related.)

After the first long and hard weekend of removing wheat and gluten from my diet (headaches, agitation, arthritic pain), most of these issues resolved: no more acid reflux, no more snoring, no aching. Today, I weigh 10 kg [22 pounds] less and my diabetes is easily controlled. My diarrhea is almost completely resolved. I aim for losing more weight and eliminating the need to take medication.

Yesterday, without thinking twice, I had a piece of meat loaf (contains bread crumbs, found out after consuming) for lunch. As soon as I left the table, my stomach felt like a stone, and I started having acid reflux. A few hours later, stomach was fine, no acid reflux, but I felt like my abdomen was about to explode. Bloating (as if I swallowed a basketball), acute pain, cold sweats. I immediately had to visit the WC [water closet = bathroom], and I did that several times during the night, with diarrhea and a bit of fresh blood.

I consumed wheat accidentally a couple of months ago (a small bite only), but I did not have such a bad reaction. It is clear that as the body is clearing up from all this poison (wheat + gluten), even a small amount can lead to a substantial reaction.

Thank you Dr Davis for your inspiring work.

Dr Stavros Eleftheriou
Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon
Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

I pass on Dr. Eleftheriou’s story because 1) he is a physician, and 2) it reflects the worldwide nature of the wheat issue.

Dr. Eleftheriou’s observations are consistent with the widespread adoption of the high-yield semi-dwarf strains of wheat that were developed in Mexico in the mid-20th century by Dr. Norman Borlaug et al. The island of Cyprus is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, just south of Turkey and north of Egypt. It is a cultural blend of Greek, Turkish, and other influences with a variety of unique dietary practices, but they have not escaped the changes introduced into wheat.

As no questions were ever asked about the suitability of these strains for human consumption, despite the extensive genetic manipulations inflicted on it, it should come as no surprise that, at the very least, we encounter widespread evidence for gastrointestinal intolerance.

Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and people in the U.K. are farther along the curve of wheat-induced obesity and diabetes, but nations like Italy, France, Greece, and Cyprus are catching up, as are Japan and China, especially as American fast food outlets and convenience foods gain a foothold.

Isn’t it ironic that the genetic manipulations imposed on wheat to increase yield and help squash world hunger have instead proven to be among the biggest blunders ever made for worldwide health?

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