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Infinite Health Participation Plans

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Bob Niland

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Posted: 4/19/2022 12:14:52 PM
Edited: 11/17/2023 1:29:01 PM (6)

Infinite Health Participation Plans

Edition: 2023-11-17

Note: The table below is in support of my own understanding of how the several Infinite Health membership plans vary. It’s also the sort of comparison chart that many thoughtful consumers like to see before making any financial decision. It would help people avoid going blog when what really fits their situation and interests is Inner Circle. Member comments are solicited, particularly on any feature comparison items missing.

The table below provides decision-support information for anyone wondering how choose between a blog or Inner Circle membership. Here’s Dr. Davis on: Benefits of joining my Inner Circle
Here are direct subscription links:
⎆ Blog membership page
⎆ Inner Circle membership page

Due to their disparate origins in time, theme and server technologies, the two sites ⇩cannot be merged in the foreseeable future. The Inner Circle is essentially a superset of all.

If you are using a device or browser that supports hover pointing, many of the table entries have hovertips with more detail.

    Infinite Health
  Infinite Health
Inner Circle (I.C.)
Site General   Free Pro   Rate/Year Rate/Month
  Annual Billing   No charge $24.99   $179.40 {$14.95}
  Monthly Billing   No charge {$2.08}   {$239.40} $19.95
  Required additional product purchases   None   None
  Required courses   None   None
  On-Line since   2011   2005
  3rd-Party Advertising   Yes   None
Site Content Access   IHB Free IHB Pro   I.H. Inner Circle
  Blog Content access   3 per month Unlimited   Full Blog Articles, Ad-Free
  Inner Circle Content access   Limited   Unlimited
  Inner Circle Protocols   No   Yes
  Inner Circle Advanced Topics   No   Yes
  On-line program course   No   Yes
  Video library   Blog post videos   IC Library + Blogs
  Recipes   3 per month All blog recipes   I.C. Site Library +…
  Microbiome Central tool   No   Yes
  Cheat sheets   Indirectly   Yes
  Practitioner registry   No   Yes
  Supplements experience   No   Yes
  Meal planner/shopping guides   No   Yes
  Legacy content   Blogs Only   All, blogs mirrored
  Read Inner Circle Forums   Open basenotes only   Unlimited access
Participation   IHB Free IHB Pro   I.H. Inner Circle
  Privacy   N/A User Option   User Option
  Profile Visibility   N/A   User Option
  Private Messaging   N/A   Optional
  Screen Name   Any, per Comment   User Selected
  Account Controls   N/A Partial*   User Option
  Avatar   per Gravatar   User Select or Upload
  Video meet-ups   No   Yes
  Private Facebook group   No Available   Available
  Blog Start New Topic   N/A No   N/A
  I.C. Forum Start New Topic   N/A   Yes
  Blog Commenting   Limited Yes   Yes, on mirrors
  Pre-moderation   Usually not   No
  Discussion Subscription   Yes, on Comment   Elect anytime
  I.C. Forum Commenting (Reply)   N/A   Yes
  Post Links   Yes   Yes
  Document/Image Post/Upload   No   Yes
  Dr. Davis comment participation   Limited   Frequent
  On-site Private Messaging   No   Yes
  Comment/Reply edit/revise   No   Yes
Notification   IHB Free IHB Pro   I.H. Inner Circle
  Thread subscription   Option upon comment   Option at any time
  Reply notification via   Email   PM and/or email
  VIP updates, special events and new releases   No Yes   Mirrored
Other Benefits   IHB Free IHB Pro   I.H. Inner Circle
  Program Coach consulting   No ⎆Available   ⎆Available
  3rd Party Product Discounts   Limited   Yes

* Some account changes require using the Contact form.


FAQ: Are there any prerequisites for any of the programs?

A: No, but having read at least one of the books, such as Wheat Belly Revised & Expanded and/or Super Gut provides important context for discussions. Also, although membership is invited world-wide, and both sites support Unicode, only English is supported at this time.

FAQ: Is there a single subscription for both sites?

A: No, the Infinite Health Inner Circle membership includes virtually all Blog content, so there is no real need to have a common single subscription. Offering a combined subscription is not at this point possible in any case. There are incompatible subscriber management systems that now cannot be merged, due to issues like user namespace collisions, mis-matching email addresses, overlapping subscription terms, and lack of cross-platform credential APIs.

Bob Niland [⎆disclosures] [⎆topics] [⎆abbreviations]

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Bob Niland

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Join Date: 7/7/2014
Posts Contributed: 21149
Total Likes: 3397
Recommends Recd: 10
Certs & Awards: 39   view

Likes Recd: 0
Posted: 4/22/2022 8:14:26 PM
Edited: 12/15/2022 9:24:45 AM (2)
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