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WBB: Fat Head: Director’s Cut

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Posted: 1/23/2013 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 11:40:13 AM (3)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2013-01-23

Fat Head: Director’s Cut

My friend, Tom Naughton, is a genius for effectively delivering a clear and entertaining message. A former stand-up comic, he can make discussions about issues like prospective, placebo-controlled vs. epidemiologic cross-sectional analyses knee-slapping funny! (No kidding.) He has just released his new Director’s Cut version of Fat Head.

Tom has edited out some stuff but added a substantial amount of new material, including a fairly lengthy segment on the dangers of modern wheat. Tom tells us that, if you order his Fat Head DVD, you will be getting the Director’s Cut version.

revised 8min promo video on YouTube

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Bob Niland

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Posted: 3/27/2022 11:59:28 AM
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