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Index: Wheat Belly Blog (WBB)

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Posted: 3/22/2022 1:13:19 PM
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Index: Wheat Belly Blog (WBB)
Blog Posts Mirrored on PCM

Page Edition: 2023-03-18

This is an index of links to Wheat Belly Blog (WBB) posts [so far] mirrored on the Inner Circle forum. It is one of several sub-indicies for the PCM, all linked from the Master Index topic.

These are listed in reverse order of original publication (most recent at top). These mirrors make these blog posts available to I.C. members, make them visible to I.C. searching, and do so without ads (animated or static). The WBB is otherwise a separate subscription site, due to having a separate subscriber management system that now cannot be merged with IC’s.

The WBB is now the Dr. Davis Infinite Health Blog (IHB) (separately mirrored & indexed). The WBB ran from 2011-07 through 2021-12, and was non-subscription prior to 2019-07-17. Links to actual WBB pages now redirect to IHB (which is also included with that same separate subscription).

Notification: Subscribe to this thread. As batches of back periods are populated, a Reply is added to this thread, triggering a notification to thread subscribers.

Status: 2011 through 2015 have been both fully mirrored and indexed. Scattered mirrors (mostly cited articles) exist for later years, and will be added to this index as those years are filled out.

Visitors: This Index, and a fair fraction of WBB post mirrors, are visible to non-members (based on post status when published on the source WB Blog).

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2021-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this year are in-work.

2021-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2021-11-01: WBB: Food Intolerances: A Warning of Bad Things Ahead

Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2021-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2021-07-14: IHB: Recognize markers of endotoxemia

Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2021-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2021-01-08: WBB: Update: Wheat Belly-Safe Flours and Meals

2020-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2020-11-14: WBB: The Goldilocks microbe

2020-03-12: WBB: Meet VLDL: The REAL Cause of Heart Disease

2020-03-12: WBB: Insulin Resistance: the silent killer that you can completely reverse–even if your doctor doesn’t know how

2020-01-25: WBB: You’re not cheating, are you?

2019-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this year are in-work.

2019-09-19: WBB: Clarity on omega-6 fatty acids

2019-06-11: WBB: “I’m losing my hair on the Wheat Belly lifestyle!”

2019-06-05: WBB: Why is quinoa getting a free pass?

2019-03-16: WBB: Eat more eggs

2019-01-21: WBB: The Wheat Belly “No Change Rule” to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Accelerate Weight Loss

2018-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2018-09-20: WBB: Rested and Thin–Or Overweight and Exhausted?

2017-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2017-10-11: So What’s The Problem With Rice?
See identical edition at: UdB: 2017-10-11

2016-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for this year are in-work.

2016-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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Entries for the balance of this month are in-work.

2016-06-04: WBB: Natural sweeteners: A quantity and cost comparison

2016-06-02: WBB: Doped

2016-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-05-30: WBB: Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

2016-05-26: WBB: John’s impressive Wheat Belly Detox experience

2016-05-23: WBB: Statin scare

2016-05-16: WBB: Some impressive Wheat Belly before/afters

2016-05-15: WBB: Do you need an oil change?

2016-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-04-27: WBB: Unlucky Charms

2016-04-22: WBB: The finer points of prebiotic fibers

2016-04-21: WBB: Janet’s impressive Wheat Belly recovery

2016-04-16: WBB: The pain of prebiotics?

2016-04-14: WBB: Latest update from Wheat-Free Market’s founder, Gary Miller

2016-04-12: WBB: The Accidental Carnivore

2016-04-11: WBB: Why calcium supplements are unnecessary on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2016-04-08: WBB: Lynn’s facial redness gone in 3 days on the Wheat Belly Detox!

2016-04-07: WBB: You might be a Wheat Belly when . . .

2016-04-07: WBB: Andrea freed from the tyranny of grains

2016-04-06: WBB: Stephen’s return from the medical quagmire

2016-04-01: WBB: ZERO TOLERANCE for hypoglycemia

2016-04-01: WBB: Melinda loses weight despite metoprolol

2016-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-03-31: WBB: Everything you need to know about iodine

2016-03-28: WBB: Am I too skinny?

2016-03-27: WBB: Look what 30 days of Wheat Belly did for Michelle

2016-03-26: WBB: Cathy’s latest Wheat Belly update

2016-03-25: WBB: Julie’s transformation on Wheat Belly Detox and onward

2016-03-23: WBB: Ketogenic Cooking by Maria Emmerich–and a recipe!

2016-03-21: WBB: Brittany freed from IBS and nearly 40 lbs on Wheat Belly

2016-03-20: WBB: Elaine’s transformation started with the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2016-03-19: WBB: Look how different Jeanine looks after the Wheat Belly Detox!

2016-03-16: WBB: Don’t exercise to lose weight

2016-03-15: WBB: Triple Cocoa Bars

2016-03-13: WBB: Jennifer’s Wheat Belly success

2016-03-09: WBB: Safe sex on weekends only

2016-03-05: WBB: Alana freed from her “big, fat bulimic life” by Wheat Belly

2016-03-01: WBB: The Grain Deficiency Syndrome

2016-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-02-29: WBB: Another anti-aging success on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2016-02-28: WBB: Kay’s food addictions . . . gone

2016-02-26: WBB: Breaking up with Grain

2016-02-25: WBB: Follow Wheat Belly, look fabulous in a bikini

2016-02-24: WBB: From Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: Mediterranean “Pasta” Salad

2016-02-22: WBB: Another wonderful Wheat Belly facial transformation

2016-02-22: WBB: Can I eat quinoa?

2016-02-20: WBB: Statin cholesterol drugs are for bread-eaters

2016-02-18: WBB: Crohns disease cured . . . by a chance encounter at the airport

2016-02-17: WBB: No more wheat face for Suzi

2016-02-16: WBB: Wheat Belly: Self-Directed Health?

2016-02-12: WBB: You won’t recognize Karen after Wheat Belly

2016-02-11: WBB: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: A Life-Changer

2016-02-10: WBB: From health disaster to health success

2016-02-10: WBB: Even your LIVER is fat

2016-02-10: WBB: Wheat-watch: Campbell’s Healthy Request Tomato Soup

2016-02-09: WBB: Mary looks and feels different on Wheat Belly

2016-02-08: WBB: Christine’s breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

2016-02-06: WBB: Mirror, Mirror . . .

2016-02-05: WBB: Dying, obsessing, scheming for food

2016-02-05: WBB: You’ve Been Rolled, Tossed, and Baked

2016-02-04: WBB: Caroline’s fabulous skin changes with the Wheat Belly Detox

2016-02-03: WBB: Billy sets a new Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox weight loss record!

2016-02-02: WBB: The Wisdom of the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2016-02-02: WBB: Marcie: Body by Wheat Belly

2016-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2016-01-29: WBB: Another Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox success!

2016-01-27: WBB: An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

2016-01-26: WBB: Another Wheat Belly baby!

2016-01-26: WBB: Brain Drain

2016-01-25: WBB: Karen reversed aches, rashes, headaches, and weight with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2016-01-23: WBB: Liana’s breathtaking Wheat Belly experience

2016-01-20: WBB: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox: Candice

2016-01-16: WBB: Mutant Ninja Grasses

2016-01-11: WBB: Elle learns how awful gluten-free products can be

2016-01-10: WBB: How to use the Wheat Belly books

2016-01-07: WBB: Dietary Guidelines for Americans: You’re fat and diabetic and it’s your own fault

2016-01-07: WBB: Liberate Your Inner Cow: Life Ungrained

2016-01-05: WBB: Jenny reverses fatty liver, skin rashes, joint pain . . . and loses 65 pounds

2016-01-03: WBB: This is what reversal of facial inflammation looks like

2016-01-02: WBB: Gwendolyn: From Hopeless to Awesome

2015-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-12-29: WBB: Wheat Belly does not end at weight loss

2015-12-24: WBB: Wheat Belly Holiday Swaps

2015-12-23: WBB: Don’t Eat the Fruitcake

2015-12-22: WBB: No folate fortification for the grain-free

2015-12-21: WBB: Samantha’s flat belly update

2015-12-20: WBB: Patty at 53 back in the dress she wore at 28

2015-12-19: WBB: Wheat Belly Dairy-Free Irish Cream

2015-12-17: WBB: When to take Wheat Belly nutritional supplements

2015-12-15: WBB: John’s Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox transformation

2015-12-13: WBB: Revonda changes her appearance, no longer diabetic

2015-12-12: WBB: Jennifer’s 3½ month Wheat Belly transformation

2015-12-12: WBB: Look what the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox did for Julie

2015-12-12: WBB: Diabetes is a contagious disease . . . if you talk to a dietitian

2015-12-11: WBB: Kate fits into the wedding dress of her dreams living the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-12-11: WBB: What to put on your Wheat Belly pancakes?

2015-12-09: WBB: Melissa’s Wheat Belly transformation

2015-12-08: WBB: Goodbye, Bagel Face!

2015-12-05: WBB: A Wheat Belly Guide to Vodkas

2015-12-05: WBB: The Wheat Belly Cruise 2015

2015-12-05: WBB: Candy’s Wheat Belly transformation

2015-12-03: WBB: Rebecca’s journey to health and youthfulness

2015-12-02: WBB: Wheat Watch: Greenies

2015-12-01: WBB: Grains: Not all bad?

2015-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-11-30: WBB: Do the math: 41.7 pounds this year

2015-11-30: WBB: 4 Tips for Managing Carbs on Wheat Belly

2015-11-30: WBB: What is the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-11-27: WBB: Matthew’s incredible Wheat Belly transformation

2015-11-25: WBB: What’s different about the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-11-24: WBB: Another Wheat Belly age-reversing success

2015-11-22: WBB: Patricia fits into a skirt she wore . . . when she was 16 years old

2015-11-19: WBB: Matthew’s impressive Wheat Belly success

2015-11-16: WBB: Moving numbers

2015-11-15: WBB: Why nutritional supplements on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-11-14: WBB: No blood sugar rollercoasters!

2015-11-12: WBB: Beth: What a change!

2015-11-12: WBB: No more “flag arms” for Patricia

2015-11-11: WBB: Clay no longer skinny-fat, but skinny-skinny

2015-11-10: WBB: Strawberries ‘n Cream Mini-Cheesecakes

2015-11-09: WBB: Tom muscles up with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-11-07: WBB: Foods made for dippin’

2015-11-06: WBB: A mother of 9 slam-dunks the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-11-04: WBB: You may be only DAYS away from a health transformation

2015-11-04: WBB: Wheat Belly Grain Detox on Dr. Oz

2015-11-02: A toast to wine
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-12-06

2015-11-02: WBB: Wheat Belly works for Iveta in Lithuania

2015-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-10-28: WBB: New research clinches it: non-celiac gluten sensitivity is real

2015-10-27: WBB: Choose Real, Single-Ingredient Foods – Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox

2015-10-27: WBB: Go ahead: Eat your meat

2015-10-26: WBB: Healthcare professionals follow Wheat Belly

2015-10-20: WBB: Dee freed of sleep apnea, restless legs, joint pains, and A. fib

2015-10-20: WBB: Another dazzling Wheat Belly facial transformation

2015-10-18: WBB: A stunning example of the Wheat Belly anti-aging effect

2015-10-18: WBB: Migraines, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, heartburn . . . gone

2015-10-17: Peanut Butter Cup Detox Shake
See Inner Circle recipe at: Peanut Butter Cup Prebiotic Shake

2015-10-17: WBB: Wheat elimination shows on the face

2015-10-17: WBB: Come on: You can’t tell me the Wheat Belly lifestyle doesn’t make you thinner, smarter, faster. . . sexier?!

2015-10-16: WBB: Grain Junkie

2015-10-12: WBB: Toadstools, rotten meat and . . . grains

2015-10-08: WBB: Mirror, Mirror… What Changes Can You Expect When You Do the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-10-06: WBB: What medications have you been able to stop on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-10-05: WBB: Thinner and more energetic on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-10-04: WBB: To reverse diabetes, follow the No Change Rule

2015-10-03: WBB: A drug to treat a drug to treat a drug . . .

2015-10-02: WBB: Hunger is no longer in charge of Sheri

2015-10-01: WBB: Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox is coming!

2015-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-09-28: WBB: The Wheat Belly one-day parade

2015-09-27: WBB: Lose inflammation, look younger

2015-09-26: WBB: Cataracts, Wrinkles, and Dowager’s Humps: Wheat and the Aging Process

2015-09-25: Spanish-style Lentil Soup
See Inner Circle site recipe: Spanish-style Lentil Soup

2015-09-23: WBB: A blueprint to fertilize the garden called “bowel flora”

2015-09-23: WBB: Allergy, asthma, rash, IBS, pre-diabetes, hypertension . . . all becoming a bad memory for Matthew

2015-09-22: WBB: Don’t let your doctor or dietitian CAUSE diabetes

2015-09-21: 2 hummus-based salad dressings for GOS fibers
See Inner Circle site recipes: Red Curry Hummus Dressing, Asian Shiitake Ginger Dressing

2015-09-21: WBB: Add Caron to the Wheat Belly 50-Pound Club

2015-09-21: WBB: What became of these early Wheat Belly successes?

2015-09-20: WBB: Myasthenia gravis in remission and 18 pounds lost in 3 weeks

2015-09-19: WBB: Skin rashes, vomiting, and seizures: Wheat Belly followers share their re-exposure experiences

2015-09-18: WBB: You are not a Paleolithic human

2015-09-17: WBB: Leprechauns, nymphs, high cholesterol, and other fanciful notions

2015-09-16: Ginger Chicken Stir Fry Over Shirataki Noodles for prebiotic fibers
See Inner Circle site recipe: Spicy Ginger Chicken Stir-fry

2015-09-15: WBB: The Wheat Belly lifestyle BEGAN with heart health

2015-09-15: WBB: Who Can Benefit from the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox?

2015-09-14: WBB: Marianne’s hands tell the story

2015-09-11: WBB: Why we NEVER “cheat” on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-09-10: WBB: Debbie’s Wheat Belly update

2015-09-09: Chicken Curry with Lentils (for GOS prebiotics)
See Inner Circle site recipe: Chicken Curry with Lentils

2015-09-08: WBB: Loading up on galacto-oligosaccharides

2015-09-08: WBB: Liz’s astounding first 13 days on Wheat Belly

2015-09-07: WBB: Gary Miller, founder of Wheat-Free Market, shares his Wheat Belly experience

2015-09-05: WBB: Galacto-oligosaccharide: an extra special prebiotic?

2015-09-04: WBB: Low-tar cigarettes, low-fat yogurt, healthy whole grains and other half-truths

2015-09-03: WBB: What a difference 3 weeks on the Wheat Belly lifestyle can make

2015-09-03: Chocolate Coated Green Banana Bites
See Inner Circle site recipe: Chocolate-coated Green Banana Bites

2015-09-01: WBB: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer

2015-09-01: WBB: Brandie’s impressive Wheat Belly success

2015-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-08-29: WBB: Ali’s fiery red inflammation receding on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-08-29: WBB: Lori down to a size 4 and healthy

2015-08-27: WBB: Too skinny . . . in the midst of the world’s worst obesity crisis

2015-08-27: WBB: No more “dumpling face” for MariaAurora

2015-08-26: WBB: Wheat Belly Survey Update: It’s Better Than We Thought!

2015-08-26: WBB: The Great Glycation Race: An Excerpt from Wheat Belly

2015-08-25: WBB: Ann still going strong

2015-08-24: WBB: The initial Wheat Belly survey results are in!

2015-08-15: WBB: Barbara’s Wheat Belly makeover

2015-08-22: WBB: No more Wheat Baby for Jordi!

2015-08-21: WBB: It’s not just weight loss we’re after: it’s HEALTH

2015-08-18: WBB: It’s not a “sweet tooth” . . . it’s a WHEAT-tooth

2015-08-17: WBB: The fatal folly of low-fat diets

2015-08-16: WBB: No grainer brainer

2015-08-16: WBB: Anne enjoying life again on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-08-15: WBB: Wheat and hunger

2015-08-13: WBB: Debbie: Among the forgotten

2015-08-13: WBB: The OTHER 99%: It’s not just about celiac disease

2015-08-13: WBB: There’s more to wheat than celiac disease

2015-08-12: WBB: The top 5 reasons you still have cravings

2015-08-11: WBB: When you restore HEALTH, weight loss will follow

2015-08-10: WBB: Wheat, wheat everywhere

2015-08-09: WBB: Stefanie’s allergic and autoimmune conditions improved and, oh yes, she’s down 105 pounds

2015-08-09: WBB: The nasty business of wheat re-exposure

2015-08-08: WBB: You LOOK better, you feel better–because you ARE better without grains

2015-08-07: WBB: Can your “diet” provide relief from migraines?

2015-08-05: WBB: More energy, love, no acid reflux, a new “glow” . . . what’s not to love?

2015-08-05: WBB: It’s all about poop, isn’t it?

2015-08-04: WBB: Elaine freed of anxiety, heartburn, sinusitis, prescriptions, and 37 pounds

2015-08-04: WBB: Spiced Raw Potato Smoothie

2015-08-03: WBB: An update from Kristen and Marvin, wheat-free newlyweds

2015-08-02: WBB: Erica and Art’s Wheat Belly journey to health and 85 collective pounds lost

2015-08-02: WBB: Brenda’s Wheat Belly deflation

2015-08-02: WBB: Wheat Belly people LOOK different

2015-08-01: WBB: Andrea lost only 3 lbs . . . but look at her face!

2015-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-07-30: WBB: Eat, pray push?

2015-07-29: WBB: Susan a different woman on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-07-28: WBB: Wheat Belly is an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

2015-07-27: WBB: Why are there no cravings when following the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-07-27: WBB: No grains, no pain for Ali

2015-07-26: WBB: Angie discovers the fountain of youth and health

2015-07-26: WBB: Daphne, a former skeptic, now a Wheat Belly believer

2015-07-25: WBB: Aimee: thinner, happier, younger on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-07-25: WBB: The truth about hypoglycemia

2015-07-25: WBB: Jennifer overcoming the mental health impairment of grains

2015-07-24: WBB: The Wheat Belly lifestyle reverses inflammation

2015-07-24: WBB: Amanda and 50 pounds of cheese

2015-07-22: WBB: Marilyn’s dramatic Wheat Belly facial change

2015-07-22: WBB: Kay relieved from the agony of weight loss

2015-07-20: WBB: Natalie’s asthma, allergy, energy, and eyesight breakthrough

2015-07-20: WBB: Josee’s Dad succeeds at Wheat Belly with her coaching and cooking

2015-07-20: WBB: Look how great the Wheat Belly lifestyle look on Jenny and her husband

2015-07-19: WBB: Chrissy fell off the Wheat Belly wagon . . . then returned

2015-07-19: WBB: Cathy on her way to minimizing or reversing diabetes

2015-07-19: WBB: Sharon’s astounding Wheat Belly update

2015-07-17: WBB: Look what Wheat Belly did for Sharon

2015-07-17: WBB: Marilyn conquers Zoloft and depression

2015-07-17: WBB: You’ve probably got dysbiosis: An excerpt from Wheat Belly Total Health

2015-07-16: WBB: Chris’ weight and life returning to normal on Wheat Belly

2015-07-16: WBB: Look what 12 days of Wheat Belly did for Lori

2015-07-16: WBB: Paula’s astounding health- and age-reversing Wheat Belly trip

2015-07-16: WBB: A former skeptic finds answers in Wheat Belly

2015-07-15: WBB: Sydne an example of Wheat Belly Total Health done right

2015-07-15: WBB: Look what Wheat Belly and losing 70 lbs did for Amanda and husband

2015-07-14: WBB: Ritchie’s 4-week facial transformation on Wheat Belly

2015-07-14: WBB: Thad’s no-nonsense Wheat Belly experience

2015-07-14: WBB: Titania is losing her Wheat Belly!

2015-07-14: WBB: In The War on Wheat, this enlightened physician fights back

2015-07-14: WBB: Autoimmunity: Drug Abuse

2015-07-13: WBB: Couple down 80 pounds by rejecting wheat and grains

2015-07-13: WBB: Nick loses his Wheat Belly and regains energy

2015-07-12: WBB: Jill’s astounding Wheat Belly facial transformation

2015-07-10: WBB: Magnesium Water: From Wheat Belly Total Health

2015-07-10: WBB: Joan provides a lesson in wheat/grain withdrawal

2015-07-10: In pursuit of sweetness: an updated list of Wheat Belly safe sweeteners
See more recent edition at: WBB: 2021-02-21

2015-07-09: WBB: Janie, 2 sisters, and cousin are down 215 pounds

2015-07-08: WBB: Wheat Belly is an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

2015-07-07: WBB: Denise is not gluten-free—she’s grain-free!

2015-07-07: WBB: Wheat, Graham crackers, and lust

2015-07-06: WBB: The New York Times makes a big, bad mistake

2015-07-05: Wheat Belly safe thickeners
See more recent edition at: WBB: 2020-12-21

2015-07-05: WBB: The freedom of the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-07-01: The secrets hidden in your triglyceride value
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-11-30

2015-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-06-30: WBB: The year the dough hit the fan

2015-06-29: WBB: Quit your pushing: A cutting-edge guide to constipation

2015-06-28: WBB: Blow your HDL through the roof

2015-06-26: WBB: Fat Fest

2015-06-25: WBB: Another early Wheat Belly experience

2015-06-24: WBB: The extraordinary power of the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-06-22: WBB: Ann’s stunning Wheat Belly update

2015-06-21: WBB: Dr. Steven’s spectacular Wheat Belly success

2015-06-20: WBB: Kerry’s one-year Wheat Belly success

2015-06-18: WBB: Joint pain, edema, acid reflux, skin rashes: All part of the inflammation from grains

2015-06-13: WBB: Yes: It’s the same person . . . but now she eats NO wheat nor grains

2015-06-13: WBB: Wheat and grains make you sick

2015-06-11: WBB: My Wheat Belly turning point

2015-06-04: WBB: The resurrection of taste

2015-06-10: WBB: Carter Ann’s wheat/grain-free lifestyle shows on the face

2015-06-04: WBB: Donna sings the praises of her Wheat Belly lifestyle!

2015-06-03: WBB: Look Catrina in the eye and you can tell she’s grain-free!

2015-06-02: WBB: Wheat Belly works no matter what part of the world you’re in

2015-06-01: WBB: Sarah: “Only” down 26 pounds

2015-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-05-30: WBB: The wheat and grain lobby is looking desperate

2015-05-30: WBB: Vanessa freed of the appetite stimulating effects of wheat and grains

2015-05-30: WBB: Former baker rejects grains!

2015-05-26: WBB: Debunking the French weight myth

2015-05-25: WBB: Wheat Watch: Scrambled Eggs

2015-05-21: WBB: Doris: Acid reflux, acne, tremor gone!

2015-05-20: WBB: Sharon’s Wheat Belly recovery after 23 years of medical blundering

2015-05-16: WBB: Heather’s off insulin, no longer diabetic in 26 days

2015-05-15: WBB: Heidi’s head-to-toe health and body makeover

2015-05-14: WBB: Marcie down 50 lbs this year, freed of insomnia

2015-05-13: WBB: Erika’s update: down 80 lbs, no more migraines

2015-05-13: WBB: You won’t believe Elena’s Wheat Belly 50

2015-05-13: WBB: JoCarol is back!

2015-05-12: WBB: Sherri found the Wheat Belly Fountain of Youth . . . and bowel health

2015-05-12: WBB: Debi is not “gluten-free” . . . but GRAIN-free!

2015-05-11: WBB: Kaus’ 18-month Wheat Belly update

2015-05-11: WBB: Robin’s breathtaking Wheat Belly transformation

2015-05-10: WBB: Look what happened to Michelle . . . in just 10 days!

2015-05-09: WBB: Beth’s life-changing Wheat Belly experience

2015-05-09: WBB: Peggy’s mind and body freed of wheat and grains!

2015-05-07: WBB: I lost the wheat, but didn’t lose the weight: Updated version (2015)

2015-05-06: WBB: Lose the wheat and grains, lose the inflammation

2015-05-04: WBB: Richard and Karen eat like royalty . . . and look what happens

2015-05-03: WBB: So what were they saying about Wheat Belly being another low-carb diet?

2015-05-03: WBB: Wheat Belly for a marathoner and pregnant mother

2015-05-02: WBB: Carter Ann’s 4-DAY Wheat Belly facial change

2015-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-04-29: WBB: A couple’s Wheat Belly success

2015-04-29: WBB: The timeline of weight loss . . . and why it confuses doctors

2015-04-29: WBB: Jamilyn: Weight AND health transformed minus grains

2015-04-28: WBB: Thyroid Tune-up: Update

2015-04-27: WBB: Connie’s 4-month Wheat Belly transformation

2015-04-27: WBB: Kristina a new woman on the Wheat Belly lifestyle!

2015-04-27: WBB: Tom’s dramatic loss of abdominal fat

2015-04-27: WBB: The Wheat Belly lifestyle: The eyes tell the story

2015-04-25: WBB: Jacek took a trip on the Wheat Belly time machine

2015-04-25: WBB: The battle for bowel flora

2015-04-24: WBB: The Wheat Belly Facial Transformation Gallery

2015-04-22: WBB: Commercial prebiotic fiber supplements

2015-04-22: WBB: Thad’s triple-digit weight loss

2015-04-21: WBB: Wheat Belly for athletes

2015-04-21: WBB: Heather’s impressive Wheat Belly experience

2015-04-19: WBB: Gwen’s startling change in appearance

2015-04-16: WBB: Mary figured out how to reverse diabetes . . . on her own

2015-04-15: WBB: Just how much “healthcare” do you need minus grains?

2015-04-15: WBB: Wheat Belly and inflammation

2015-04-14: WBB: Tim’s remarkable 3-month Wheat Belly experience

2015-04-14: WBB: Jean finds relief from arthritis

2015-04-13: WBB: Linda: 20 pounds and 10+ years down!

2015-04-12: WBB: No weight regain for Susan

2015-04-11: WBB: Michelle’s breathtaking 3-week transformation

2015-04-10: WBB: Beauty is MORE than skin deep

2015-04-09: WBB: The Wheat Belly Waddle

2015-04-08: WBB: Holly’s jaw-dropping Wheat Belly update

2015-04-06: WBB: Richard: Down 44 lbs, no more glaucoma

2015-04-05: WBB: Sandra: No weight loss . . . but she sure LOOKS different!

2015-04-04: WBB: Maggie’s life changed by her sister

2015-04-04: WBB: Top 10 reasons to kiss wheat and grains goodbye forever

2015-04-03: WBB: An astounding chronicle of a Wheat Belly transformation

2015-04-02: WBB: The joke’s on the Whole Grains Council

2015-04-01: WBB: Hayley’s eye-popping Wheat Belly success

2015-04-01: WBB: Crystal loses her Wheat Belly in time for summer!

2015-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-03-31: WBB: Terri down 85 pounds . . . and looks different!

2015-03-31: WBB: Natalie’s breathtaking facial tranformation

2015-03-30: WBB: Just what happens with Wheat Belly faces?

2015-03-29: WBB: Whistleblowers wanted

2015-03-28: WBB: If you have diabetes: NO low blood sugars!

2015-03-28: WBB: The ABCs of your post-grain experience

2015-03-27: WBB: What’s better than gluten-free? GRAIN-free!

2015-03-26: WBB: Sue is young again following Wheat Belly!

2015-03-26: WBB: Natasha reverses her psoriasis

2015-03-23: WBB: JoCarol’s trip to hell and back!

2015-03-22: WBB: Wheat Belly: The faces tell the story

2015-03-21: WBB: Wheat Watch: Broth

2015-03-20: WBB: Phil “changed the way he sees things”–look what happened

2015-03-18: WBB: Michelle rejects “healthy whole grains”

2015-03-18: WBB: Look at Jenny’s facial transformation

2015-03-17: WBB: Dramatic Wheat Belly facial transformations

2015-03-17: WBB: Deb’s breathtaking Wheat Belly experience

2015-03-15: WBB: Anne’s Wheat Belly success

2015-03-14: WBB: Skin: a reflection of internal and overall health

2015-03-13: Wheat Belly meals and flours for baking
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2015-03-12: WBB: Susan looks different off wheat–and cured husband’s diabetes

2015-03-11: WBB: Skin changes with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-03-09: WBB: Another characteristic wheat/grain sign

2015-03-09: WBB: Depression: Why not START with a nutritional solution?

2015-03-08: WBB: The entire family follows Wheat Belly!

2015-03-08: WBB: Jessie: Single-digit sizes with Wheat Belly

2015-03-04: WBB: Ashley: now pain-free and slender on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-02-28: WBB: JoCarol went OFF the Wheat Belly lifestyle!

2015-02-28: WBB: Fifth Estate defends wheat

2015-02-26: WBB: Georgann gets rid of acid blocking medication

2015-02-26: WBB: Marcella turns the clock back with her Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02-25: WBB: Mina shows off her weight loss but experienced a HEALTH transformation

2015-02-25: WBB: Sydney no longer needs sweat pants

2015-02-24: WBB: Rob lost about ⅓ his body weight on the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02-23: WBB: Thyroid: Ignorance, Neglect, Indifference

2015-02-21: WBB: Who needs Viagra?

2015-02-20: WBB: Carolyn’s stunning Wheat Belly transformation

2015-02-20: WBB: Can you reverse rheumatoid arthritis with a diet? Absolutely!

2015-02-19: WBB: Taco Seasoning Mix

2015-02-18: WBB: Amy’s Wheat Belly life transformation

2015-02-17: WBB: Why do people look YOUNGER on the Wheat Belly lifestyle?

2015-02-15: Drugs that block weight loss
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-07-08

2015-02-14: WBB: The Dietitian’s Folly: Glycemic Index (GI)

2015-02-13: WBB: Kelley’s one year Wheat Belly update

2015-02-11: WBB: Is it safe for children to quit smoking?

2015-02-10: WBB: The Wheat Belly Lifestyle: A reason to buy new shoes

2015-02-09: WBB: What Do Measles, Tuberculosis, and Grains Have in Common?

2015-02-08: WBB: You won’t recognize Jennifer

2015-02-07: WBB: Holly’s life was changed through the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-02-05: WBB: Another spectacular Wheat Belly work-in-progress

2015-02-04: WBB: Joanne UNRECOGNIZABLE after saying goodbye to wheat and grains

2015-02-03: WBB: Which photos shows Jean BEFORE she gave up wheat and grains?

2015-02-03: WBB: Kerri on her way to perfect health

2015-02-02: WBB: Jennifer’s over-the-top Wheat Belly success

2015-02-02: WBB: Mind your minerals

2015-02-01: WBB: Stacey’s huge Wheat Belly success

2015-01: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2015-01-31: WBB: Amy was skeptical . . . but look at her now!

2015-01-31: WBB: Valerie’s stunning Wheat Belly transformation

2015-01-30: WBB: Dr. Mary Beth Dearmon describes her Wheat Belly experience . . . in private practice!

2015-01-30: WBB: Lose the grains, lose the INFLAMMATION

2015-01-29: WBB: Titania’s 4-month Wheat Belly experience

2015-01-28: WBB: Jennifer’s 10-day results with the Wheat Belly lifestyle

2015-01-28: WBB: Remember: Cultivate healthy bowel flora!

2015-01-27: WBB: Wheat Belly: NOT just weight loss

2015-01-26: WBB: Denny’s Wheat Belly “before” and “after”

2015-01-24: WBB: How NOT to have HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES

2015-01-17: WBB: Do you have a WOOD deficiency?

2015-01-16: WBB: How NOT to have an autoimmune condition

2015-01-11: WBB: How NOT to have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

2015-01-08: WBB: How NOT to have diabetes

2015-01-04: WBB: Grain-Free Sushi: A guest post from nutritionist Julie Daniluk

2014-12: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-12-31: WBB: Celebrate the New Year With These Recipes!

2014-12-23: WBB: Gingerbread Breakfast Cakes

2014-12-19: WBB: Cream of Mushroom Soup with Chives: wheat/grain and dairy-free!

2014-12-18: WBB: An update from Wheat-Free Market foods

2014-12-13: WBB: Five powerful ways to reduce blood sugar

2014-12-08: WBB: Gluten-free foods are NOT an argument against grain-free: a rebuttal to Consumer Reports

2014-11: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-11-19: WBB: Pumpkin Biscotti

2014-11-11: I Ate One Cookie and Gained 30 Pounds!
See more recent edition at: UdB: 2017-07-09

2014-10: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-10-20: WBB: Blood Sugar: Tool at Your Fingertips

2014-10-14: WBB: Say “NO” to statins

2014-10-07: WBB: A Q&A with Skinny Gut author, Brenda Watson

2014-10-03: WBB: The Incredible Shrinking Wheat Belly

2014-09: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-09-29: WBB: Brenda Watson’s new Skinny Gut Diet

2014-09-24: WBB: Wheat Belly Total Health on the Dr. Oz Show

2014-09-22: WBB: Cut your grass . . . then eat the clippings

2014-09-16: WBB: Wheat Belly Total Health now in bookstores!

2014-09-10: WBB: Wheat: It’s WORSE than GMO

2014-09-07: WBB: Which ad do you like better?

2014-09-03: WBB: Lose the Grains, Save Some Green: An excerpt from Wheat Belly Total Health

2014-09-01: WBB: Wheat elimination is just the start!

2014-08: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-08-24: WBB: The Big Mistake called “agriculture”

2014-08-15: WBB: Wheat: the silent killer

2014-08-13: WBB: Wheat Belly Total Health on public television!

2014-07: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-07-22: WBB: Don’t fall for “gluten-free” foods made with junk carbs

2014-07-14: WBB: Don’t make these mistakes when starting Wheat Belly!

2014-07-11: WBB: Why NOT follow the Wheat Belly approach?

2014-07-02: WBB: Fertilize the garden called “bowel flora”

2014-06: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-06-30: WBB: Wheat Belly Holiday Recipes: Dinner Dishes

2014-06-27: WBB: What’s a cow got that you ain’t got?

2014-06-19: WBB: Glands and Grains

2014-06-14: WBB: What is gluten?

2014-06-10: WBB: The Wheat Belly Food Pyramid

2014-06-04: WBB: Eat Pooideae (A Problem For Hungry Humans)

2014-05: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-05-29: WBB: Wheat And Atrial Fibrillation? A Look At the Correlation

2014-05-21: WBB: Deglutenize Your Brain

2014-05-19: WBB: Nina Teicholz’s Surprise: Fat is good for you

2014-05-18: WBB: Following the Wheat Belly lifestyle in Italy: Non c’e problema!

2014-05-12: WBB: Wheat Free Market: A Look At The First Year!

2014-05-07: WBB: Step 1: Wheat Elimination To Take Control Of Your Health

2014-05-04: WBB: Be Wheat-Free And Change The Lives Around You

2014-04: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-04-29: WBB: No Longer Count Calories And Lose Weight Like Sarah

2014-04-28: WBB: Step-by-Step, How to Become Diabetic (Hint: It’s Easy!)

2014-04-27: WBB: The Wheat Belly Book Is Now Available In Paperback

2014-04-26: WBB: Gastrointestinal Recovery After The Wheat Battle Is Won

2014-04-22: WBB: Smoke more low-tar cigarettes!

2014-04-17: WBB: Why We START With Wheat Elimination

2014-04-12: WBB: Weight Watchers no more after 37 years

2014-04-04: WBB: Shame On The Chicago Tribune For Bashing The Anti-Grain Movement

2014-03: Wheat Belly Blog Posts

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2014-03-28: WBB: A Step Beyond Wheat: Grain Bashing, It’s Easy

2014-03-25: WBB: What’s WORSE than genetic modification?

2014-03-17: WBB: Diabetes Australia bungles dietary advice