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WBB: Healthy Whole Grainlessness

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Posted: 5/27/2012 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 10:35:14 AM (2)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2012-05-27

Healthy Whole Grainlessness

Blondie weighs in on her first week of wheatlessness:

I have been trying Dr. Davis’ wheat free diet plan for a week and have noticed very promising results from cutting out all the wheat products I have been eating for years. I haven’t had any withdrawal symptons, although I’m still trying to work out substitutes for my cereal/toast breakfast, muffin for morning tea and sandwich for lunch followed a pasta dinner 3-4 times a week. My favourite biscuits and cake … I think you get the picture!

The main benefits I have found after one week:

The cramping pain under my ribs on my left side that I have been having for the last 10 years have just about gone, just an occasional twinge now.

An itchy rash on the skin on my upper arm that had defied all topical creams given by doctors for many years is clearing up well and is nearly gone.

The vague feelings of nobody loves me, everybody hates me weird thoughts I was having are also going.

My appetite is starting to self regulate and I’m no longer looking for a wheat/sugar fix after a couple of hours. I went without lunch yesterday after a 2 egg omlette with parmesan cheese and parsley for breakfast. In the evening, I didn’t feel that hungry but did have some fresh fish with a pepper, tomato and onion vegetable side dish for dinner, followed by some raw nuts a couple of hours later for dessert. I’m going to make some apple walnut bread and some muffins from the recipes in the book and I’m really looking forward to making the pizza.

Constipation also seems to be a thing of the past, without the high fibre multi grain cereal and bread I was eating. Eating more vegetables and more healthy oils and nuts are certainly fixing the gas and bloating I was experiencing previously and all this just after one week! I can hardly believe how much better I am feeling in body and mind and I am looking to feeling even better in the next few months and hopefully get rid of this wheat belly that has been getting bigger and bigger in the last few years.

Thank you Dr. Davis, I’m looking forward to my wheat free existance and continued improvement in my health.

Can any other food increase appetite, cause feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness, muck up intestinal function, cause joint pains, and cause all manner of rashes to appear?

No. No other food matches the astounding capacity of wheat to disrupt health in so many ways.

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