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Posted: 4/12/2012 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 10:32:54 AM (2)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2012-04-12

Instant Health

The struggles people endure before they discover the answer for health are often truly astounding. Pain, depression, physical incapacitation, drugs, hospitalizations, even surgeries . . . all to treat this disruptive monster in diet.

Kim posted her story of her decades-long struggle for health, but a story with a happy ending of rediscovering health within days:

I am a 51 year old female. I am a former dancer, and all my life had been very lean, and had lots of muscle. Of course when I stopped dancing I gained a little weight, but was still lean by most standards.

In 1999 I was being treated for depression, and gained weight from most of the meds they had put me on, 14 different medication “cocktails” over the next 6 years! None of these medications did anything for me except to make me psychotic, more depressed, and of course gain even more weight.

I finally gave up on the psychiatric approach altogether, and turned to my faith, which has kept me med free and out of any deep depression for almost 7 years now! However, my weight reached a high of 150 pounds! I am only 5’2.

I tried many weight loss methods over the past 4 years even to the point of being severely anorexic. I starved myself by counting calories, and cutting fat, and at one point would not allow myself more than 700 calories a day. Well, I lost about 20 pounds, but also ended up in the hospital for what appeared to be a heart attack. It turned out that the pain in my left arm was from severe dehydration, and THAT may have saved my life . . . because what was really going on was that I had severe pancreatitis! The doctor even took my husband out of the room to inform him that my pancreatic enzymes were so high I might not make it! Of course they put me in the hospital, and ironically, had to “starve” me for four days to allow my pancreatic enzymes to return to normal. The two main causes of pancreatitis are drinking, which I don’t do, and gallstones, so, on day 5 they decided to remove my gallbladder. I had known for years that my gallbladder was making me sick, but after many, many trips to the er, and many scans, the doctors kept saying, “You don’t have any gallstones”.

A week after having my surgery, I returned to see the surgeon for my follow up appointment. He told me he was aghast at how much “sludge” he found in my gallbladder, and that it was so incredibly infected that the surrounding lymph nodes were also infected! Anyway, I was so pleased to finally have my gallbladder out, and have since been in recovery from the anorexia. My weight had hovered around 140-150, ever since. I just figured it was part of aging, the damage I had done to myself, and my sedentary lifestyle.

Sorry so long a history, but I feel it may help some readers to understand what I have been through.

Since having my gallbladder removed I have had horrible diarrhea, cramping, belly aches, and acid reflux. I don’t remember the last time I had a normal bowel movement . . . until TODAY!

Four days ago I was on the internet, again looking for a way to lose weight, but also just to get healthy. I started looking into gluten, what it is, what it does etc. I found your book on B& and was mesmerized by the title ”Wheat Belly”!! My heart started pounding, and honestly I think a light lit up over my head! I hadn’t even read a word of it yet, but the title alone caught me . . . I carry most of my weight in my belly!

Well, to make a very long story shorter . . . I am on DAY 3 of being wheat free! I thought that it would be so difficult, but it’s really not. Yes, I have looked longingly at the bread, the “healthy” English muffins I had just bought, and these really awesome tasting artisan rolls in my freezer, but I have stuck to the plan. I have eaten more green veggies in the past few days than I have in probably the last 6 months! My body has already adapted a better “hunger rhythm” . . . I wake up hungry, and I never ate breakfast! I eat less at each meal, because I fill up faster, and I feel more satisfied!

I have lost 2 lbs in just three days, I have lost the pain in my hip and my lower back that was waking me up every morning. The joints in my fingers no longer hurt to hold my morning tea, and I sleep so deeply, wake less frequently, and feel more rested than ever! And here’s the best part…I had a normal bowel movement today! I know a lot of folks will think T.M.I., but when you have had nothing but water, loose, fatty stools, and have had to rush to the bathroom 5 minutes after every meal for years…this is AWESOME!

My energy level is up, my concentration is better, my skin looks great . . . I am amazed at the changes in just 3 days! I can’t wait to see what happens after a couple weeks! I think there should be a skull and crossbones on everything containing wheat, because THAT is how I see it now!

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