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Posted: 2/3/2012 12:00:00 PM
Edited: 4/30/2022 10:18:30 AM (2)

Sourced from: Infinite Health Blog, by Dr. Davis, originally posted on the Wheat Belly Blog: 2012-02-03

Don’t wait

Greg S., a Wheat Belly follower from Canada, sent this letter to the editor of his newspaper:

Dear Editor,

This is a painfall letter to write. When I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and then with
Type 2 diabetes I was very dismayed. Well, I now know why and I will reverse it!

How many times recently have you read or heard that Canadians, along with Americans, are facing growing health care costs due primarily to increasing obesity and diabetes?

The TV campaign by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, while laudable, is misdirected at best and hypocritical. Companies that want to have their “food product” endorsed under the Heart Check program of the H and S Foundation pay a fee. This money is used to hire a group of dieticians that review the “food” to see if it meets the nutrient requirements of the Health Canada food pyramid. The approval is given regardless of what other ingredients might be present. (You will see the red “check mark” on lots of food packages.)

Now, more than ever we need to read the ingredients on “food” packages. There are two ingredients in particular that I would like to see curtailed if not completely removed. The first is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) (often shown as glucose-fructose on labels). The other, very sadly, is wheat in all its many varieties (bleached, multi-grain, etc.).

Please, please, if you are at all concerned about yourself, a friend or a family member, watch the lecture entitled: “Sugar: The Bitter Truth“. It is an incredible talk by Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatrician who works with obese children in San Francisco. You can find it on YouTube. Then, or before, secure a copy of the book: “Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat Lose the Weight” by Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist also working with the obese, but in Wisconsin.

Listen, read and then, for at least yourself, please ACT!

The “everything in moderation” mantra has to go. It isn’t enough to “eat less and exercise more”. We need to prevent these conditions, diseases and maladies, not simply hope for a cure, often involving pharmaceuticals or worse.

Sorry, I will not be donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in an attempt to Make Death Wait. Instead, I will purchase additional copies of Wheat Belly and give it to as many people and groups as possible and ask them to please share it with others. If we can get the information contained in this lecture and book to go viral we will undoubtedly have a much healthier and less expensive future.

I really wish the H and S Foundation would work on this type of preventative and proactive education program regarding a healthy diet, rather than their current “scare tactic”. There are, of course, many other dietary concerns, but these seem to be the “smoking guns” for our generation, the previous generation and the next generation.

Let’s do it! Good Luck!

Greg S.

We’ve got some big battles ahead with our “official” agencies like the American Heart Association, who have permitted the Heart-Check Mark stamp of approval to be affixed to Cocoa Puffs, Berry Kix cereal, and Cheerios; or the American Diabetes Association, that instructs dietitians to tell diabetics to get 45-60 grams carbohydrates per meal while receiving substantial donations from Cadbury Schweppes, the world’s largest candy and soft drink manufacturer; and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly the American Dietetic Association, receiving support from Coca Cola, Kelloggs, General Mills, and ConAgra. All of these agencies agree: The explosion of diabetes and weight gain is your fault because you are lazy and you are a glutton. In their nutritional view of the world, it has nothing to do with the appetite-stimulating properties of the gliadin protein created by geneticists in the 1970s, nor the extravagant blood sugar-raising potential of the amylopectin A of wheat, nor the inflammation-provoking, insulin-antagonizing, and leptin-blocking effects of wheat lectins, nor the visceral fat-promoting effects of the total package.

Frankly, I don’t think we will see this battle won with these agencies in our lifetimes. I believe the current “healthy whole grain” and low-fat messages are too deeply embedded into their thinking, culture, message, and, yes, financial interests. It means that, if we wait for them to embrace what we all know to be true–that “healthy whole grains” and, as Greg points out, other components of food like the ubiquitous high-fructose corn syrup are essentially poisons–we will be resigned to lives of being overweight, edematous, with multiple chronic gastrointestinal complaints, neurological deterioration, and diabetes, not to mention for our children and grandchildren as well.

Like Greg, I’m not waiting. I am taking control over my health and the health of my family, friends, neighbors, and patients by spreading the message . . . and doing it now. Write letters, post your experiences, support the organizations that reject the “healthy whole grain” and processed food agenda . . . but don’t wait for a pat on the back.

D.D. Infinite Health icon

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